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    Flash support?

    chris georgenes Helper
      Ok - the only way i seem to be able to actually use a downloaded ASE file from Kuler is to
      launch AI
      Open Swatch Panel
      Open Swatch Library...
      Other Library...
      Locate ASE file from Kuler
      A new swatch panel opens up in AI with the Kuler colors but there's no option to export this to a
      file of any kind (nevermind a pallette format for flash).

      So then I realize after playing around that I need to click on each swatch to add it to my main
      Swatch panel.
      next I need to export that as an AI.
      Then from Flash Import the AI.
      Wow (whew!) That's quite a few hoops.
      Anyone found a better way?
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          Sami@Adobe Newcomer
          Hi Chris,
          Thanks for the post. Currently there isn't an easier way to pull kuler colors into Flash, however, we are always looking for ways to improve functionality. :)
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            chris georgenes Helper
            Hi Sami,
            thanks for the reply.
            it would be cool if Kuler could export to say *.clr format or something flash supports. Right now, Kuler is not something I can consider a daily tool simply because the process of using the colors I would mix is too complicated and time consuming - but if Kuler was integrated more with the Adobe suite of tools, then i would use it all the time.
            I find the Flash color Mixer is so tiny it is almost unusable - Kuler has a great interface and is all-around fun to use. I would love to use it more but hard to justify using downloaded themes if they cant really be imported or opened in Flash.

            Thanks for listening.
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              michael northcutt
              I agree. It would be great to just be able to download a .clr file... or better yet, make the next version of Flash capable of "adding" .ase files.
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                Sami@Adobe Newcomer
                Hi Michael,
                Ask and ye shall receive. Flash CS4 has a Kuler panel, which lets you pull Kuler ASE files directly into your Swatches panel as a theme. It's a little hidden, under Windows > Extensions > Kuler.

                You can also find Kuler panels in Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, InDesign CS4, and Fireworks CS4, in other languages as well. Look under Windows > Extensions > Kuler.

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                  This is great if you only want to deal with up to 5 colors at a time. For anything larger, kuler is useless and arbitrarily limiting. Why not just allow all CS4 apps to support the same color swatch formats?

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                    And I thought it was me being stupid.............. ah to see Chris Georgenes having the same problem makes me feel soooooooooo much better

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                      freddie fx

                      i agree..kuler should be integrated as a panel in every adobe product that deals with color. Combinations should be quietly stored and shared between applications without annoyng open/save dialogs...