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    Javascript errors on multiple computers in CS3 & CS4


      This has been a 4 day issue so far and I have run out of ideas. I hope someone can help!


      This week I began receiving js errors in my CS4 when I applied an ADDT Conditional Region server behavior. I've had these errors occur before and knew to immediated delete the FileCache.dat file. However, this time it didn't work. Strange.


      I then tried to uninstall ADDT, restart DW and test the DW SB of Show Region if Recordset is Empty. Same error. That eliminates an ADDT issue.


      So now I went on to delete the personal configuration folder and allow DW to recreate it. Restart, then try the Show Region SB. Error. Then, just as a test, how about copy/pasting the recordset? Error.


      Ok. How about in a new page? Same errors.


      What about on another computer? Same errors.


      How about on a yet another computer, but running CS3? Get this... same errors!


      The only workaround that I have right now is using DW8 and using MXKollection, since most of it is the same code there isn't really any major issues.


      I've gone through these forums as throughly as I can imagine and done numerous Google searches. Just about every troubleshooting tip are links to Dreamweaver FAQs

      Troubleshooting JavaScript errors in Dreamweaver


      Please don't send me a link to those as it's really a waste of time.


      Oh, I almost forgot. I have also deleted the site cache, the Extension Manager Configuration folder AND completely uninstalled and reinstalled DW CS4 as well. NOTHING has worked.


      Lastly, here are a few of the errors I'm receiving. They are all basically the same thing though.


      Applying the ADDT Show If Conditional Region

      While executing applyServerBehavior in ka_ShowIfCondReg.htm, a JavaScript error occured.


      Applying the ADDT Show Thumbnail

      While executing applyServerBehavior in kg_ShowDynThumbnail.htm, a  JavaScript error occured.


      Copy/Pasting a Recordset

      While executing pasteServerBehavior in Recordset.htm, a  JavaScript error occured.


      Trying to delete a Recordset

      While executing deleteServerBehavior in Recordet.htm, a  JavaScript error occured.


      Applying the DW Show If Recordset Is Empty

      While executing applyServerBehavior in ShowIfRSEmpty.htm, a  JavaScript error occured.



      Thanks to anyone that can help,