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    Problem with "Convert to Compiled Clip"

      I have a MovieClip symbol called BarGraph, set to Export, with Linkage Identifier BarGraph, and AS 2.0 Class specified as BarGraph. The BarGraph class is in BarGraph.as, stored in the same folder as the .fla file.

      When I right-click the symbol in the Library, and select convert to compiled clip, it places the compiled clip in the library with the name BarGraph SWF. When I try to run the movie, this is what shows up in the Output panel:

      "**Warning** The linkage identifier 'BarGraph' was already assigned to the symbol 'BarGraph', and cannot be assigned to the symbol 'BarGraph SWF', since linkage identifiers must be unique."

      I don't see how I can avoid this, since the compiled clip takes on the MovieClip symbol's linkage identifier, and you cannot change the linkage identifier for the compiled clip.

      Anybody know how to deal with this?