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    Form rendering process is terminating with error code {3}


      We are using Adobe LC 8.2 form server.  We are observing the following error during the form rendering.


      [3/23/10 9:18:27:269 EDT] 00000033 ProcessResour A com.adobe.service.ProcessReso
      urce$ManagerImpl signalIntValue BMC508: Service XMLFormService: Native process P
      ID = 5779654
      [3/23/10 9:18:35:443 EDT] 00000034 ProcessResour W com.adobe.service.ProcessReso
      urce$ErrorReaderThread run BMC024: Service XMLFormService: Process ProcessResour

      ce(name=XMLForm.exe,pid=5779654) terminated abnormally with error code {3}


      We could not reproduce this error in other Adobe LC environments. 


      Could somebody please give us idea on what this error code {3} means in Adobe LC?