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    Multi-processor support!

    jellysquare Level 1

      I must say that the only feature that will make me upgrade ever again from CS4 (or even to upgrade my MacPro) would be full multi-processor support.

      Unfortunately, Adobe has been introducing new features that turn out to be imperfect and NEVER get updated or fixed any more.

      Hoping for CS5 to come through!

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          Photoshop has supported multiprocessors since version 3.0.


          But not all operations can benefit from using additional processors (because of the nature of the operation, not because of any lack of code).



          So, really, what are you talking about?

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            jellysquare Level 1

            You're right. What I meant was FULL multi-processor support.

            Like saving and opening files, especially when saving large, multi-layered 16 bit files. Just tested it again - a file that is 2.91GB when opened in photoshop (which any file I work on typically is) takes 42 seconds to save as an 8 bit file and (after deleting layers to make it the same 2.91GB when open in photoshop in 16 bit format) takes 5min and 20 seconds to save in 16 bit while the activity monitor shows only one processor being utilized.

            I would like to work more in 16 bit but it's not practical now as it takes too long for just the saving part.

            At least it should be non-modal so that you could work on another image while others are being saved and/or opened.

            There are also a few filters that do not use multiple processors - like the lens blur filter, which works amazingly well but makes me take a coffee break every time I use (especially when used with a large blur amount).

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              Ok, thanks for letting us know where you want more threading.

              (now I have to figure out how to make a third party ZIP/FLATE library work better in threads)

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                Now add it to InDesign!

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                  Sorry, I don't work on InDesign.

                  You'll have to ask them directly.