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    Spark Combo instantiation overriding TextFlow default configuration

    Poobeard Level 1

      I've posted this also on the Text Layout Framework forum here : http://forums.adobe.com/message/2686329#2686329


      I have a textFlow running through columns with a nice embedded font.  Looks lovely. I then decide to add a completely unrelated Combo box to  my app ... and now the textFlow doesn't render with the font. Comment  out the combo and the font returns.


      I  ran some tests and even with a completely dumb combo added with no DP  it robs me of my font.


      Here's the code I have for my TextFlow : http://snipplr.com/view/30192/programmatically-creating-a-textflow-stream-of-link-elements /


      Notice the formatting for the TextFlow object is created with a Configuration object. I believe this is being overriden by the Combo.


      I'm going to try and create a non-config format and see if that solves it. Any ideas?