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    Stand alone questions in Captivate 3




      I have created a Captivate 3 project that contains a number of information slides with a 10 question quiz at the end.  In the middle of the information slides, is a single stand alone question slide that shouldn't count towards the final quiz results.


      My question is, how do I stop Captivate from including it?  I haven't added it to the pool of questions for the final quiz, I haven't scored it, and I have unchecked the options for recording the result, but it still gets added to the 10 final questions.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How do you deploy the quiz?

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            Alistar3050 Level 1

            At the moment the quiz is part of the main project, so users click continue at the end of

            the presentation and the next slide is the start of the quiz.


            I'm now guessing that I need to make the quiz a separate project and link to it from the presentation..


            Am I on the right track, or is there another way to do it?



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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              Was not very clear, sorry, had a quick reaction while teaching (my students were training a technique at that moment, be sure they do not get deprived of anything). Will the quiz be deployed on a LMS? How did you test up till now, and saw that the question was added to the number of questions and the score was not correct: on a score slide?


              Do not think it is really necessary to split up (unless filesize is getting too large). For the moment I believe you are using the default Question slides, packed with CP? One possible solution since you are talking about only one question that should not get scored: do not use the Question slide for it but create it yourself with Text Captions, click boxes... Be sure (as you did already I remember) to not have the interactive objects (such as click boxes, Text Entry Boxes and buttons) scored. The slide will certainly not be recognized by CP as a Question slides and thus not counted in the number of slides.



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                Alistar3050 Level 1

                Thanks Lilybiri.


                At the moment it will be deployed without an LMS - although eventually it will deploy through an LMS.


                The question that I don't want counted was created using the question slides.  When I add the 10 random question slides at the end of the module the number starts at 2 of 11, and when I work through the module and quiz it is definitely counting the result of the individual question slide (even though I changed the points to 0).


                The question is drag and drop (rearranging text into order).  Is it possible to replicate this on a blank slide, rather than use the question slide?  I have had a look but can't see any other way of doing it (although as you can probably tell I don't have a lot of experience with Captivate).



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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  So you are using a 'sequence' Question slide and do need dragging functionality, that is indeed not so easy to mimick in a self created question slide.


                  You are bothered by the appearance of 'Question nr. x of y' on each slide, because the numbering should not take into account the first question slide? If you do not need it really, you can turn off those Text Captions: go into Quiz, Preferences, Settings and deactivate 'Show Progress'.


                  If you do want to appear this Text Caption, but with the 'right' numbering, you can add your proper TC on the last 10 slides, and use some variables. Will elaborate more if you do want that.


                  You did not answer my question about the score slide? Is it on this slide that you are seeing a "wrong" score? Based on the combination CP-assessments with our LMS (Blackboard) to my experience the score reported to the LMS is always the correct one, but the score reported on the default score slide is not always the correct one. You should also try some quiz system variables in a Text Caption to see which score is the correct one. I do not bother about it anymore because I'm sure the correct score (as defined p.e. in the Advanced Interaction view) will be passed to the LMS. Rarely use the default score slide, if I do want to show the score I'm creating a score slide myself.




                  PS: very, very sorry forgot you are using CP3, you do not have variables... Please ignore all reference to them. Bit sleepy still

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                    Alistar3050 Level 1

                    Sorry, it is the score slide that is showing the wrong result, as it is counting the sequence slide, which sits by itself, not as part of the 10 question quiz.  The numbering is also out as you've pointed out, but I'd really like it to show the progress of the quiz.  As we're yet to implement a LMS, I'd like the score slide to reflect the results of the 10 questions accurately.


                    I think the easiest thing to do is to create the 10 question quiz as a separate project and link to it from the end of the original project.  I also wanted to allow users the ability to jump straight to the quiz from an introduction page if they want, so this would make that easier as well I guess.


                    Thanks for all your help, it's really appreciated.