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    Time offset (DST?) in CF server now() values.


      This is WEIRD.


      We have two CF servers, ver 7.? and 8.? on different boxes.


      7.0 is production, 8.0 developer.


      In the 7.0 server we see the value of now() being 1 hour different from the value of now() in the 8.0 server.


      Both servers within the Windows environment show the same time value in the system tray.


      Nowhere do we see - never looked for it - a Daylight Savings time override in CF 8.0.  Is there one?


      Why should it be different than Windows itself.


      Both servers are running Windows 2000 Server.  Ok, they boxes aren't QUITE as old!


      Our workaround is to save data to our DB server based on a getdate() value in the DB server rather than bogus data.


      Are we overlooking something REALLY simple?