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    Missing burners

    nealeh Community Member

      Over the years there have been many many instances of Premiere Elements not detecting attached DVD / CD burners. I know this because it has now happened to me twice - so I've been researching. I found one instance of the problem being reported from the days of Elements 2 and many more from more recent releases.


      It's easily (but irritatingly) fixable by one or both of:

      1. Delete upper/lower filter values for the drives from the registry (Microsoft / Adobe solution)
      2. Uninstalling PRE, cleaning the registry, Reinstalling PRE (alternate Adobe solution).


      The irritation is the time factor involved (1 needs a reboot, 2 takes time).


      I don't need them visible for my workflow as I burn to folder and use DVD Shrink or ImgBurn to write the media (Windows recognises the burners). It could become a bigger issue if I start burning Blu-Ray. It's just plain annoying


      My question is to ask if anyone has ever found the exact reason why it happens and if there is a more easily and reliable method to fix it.


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          John T Smith CommunityMVP

          Things and Software to AVOID when authoring/burning a DVD


          Plus http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060

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            the_wine_snob CommunityMVP



            This ARTICLE will give you some background on some of the reasons that Adobe cannot find your burners.


            The reason that these situations will "hide" the burners is that Adobe queries the OS, and not the hardware, and that Adobe programs want 100% control of the burners. Other burning apps., like ImgBurn, query at the hardware level, and will ignore what the OS is reporting.


            When another program seizes control of the burner at bootup, well before one launches the Adobe program, the OS is informed that the burner is not what the hardware says it is. In the case of the various packet-writing modules, like InCD, or DLA, or even Windows Burning app., the OS is told that the burner is "really" a HDD. In the case of that Windows Burning app., another program, like Quicken, has invoked it, and told the OS that the burner is only a CD burner, and to treat it like a HDD, to allow for direct data writing for Backup to Disk.


            Other things can also mess up with the burner, such as outdated firmware in the burner, but this is usually flagged with an error message, just as the physical burn commences, such as "Device Not Ready," or similar.


            Now, things might be different, if the Adobe programs queried at the hardware level. So far, that has not been written into the programs. This is probably because every Adobe program, that allows burning, is based on the Sonic Authorcore modules, licensed from Sonic. The Adobe programs accesses those through an abstraction layer, as they do more than just burn - they also do authoring. ImgBurn does JUST burning, and no authoring. There is a difference.


            Hope that this helps and explains some of the "why."



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              John T Smith CommunityMVP

              For Encore, tell it to create an ISO on the hard drive instead of going direct to the burner


              For PreElements, tell it to create the DVD folder on the hard drive


              Then, use the FREE http://www.imgburn.com/ to do the actual writing


              Use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden brand discs, and set Imgburn to the slowest possible burn speed to have the best chance of a good burn that will have the widest player compatibility


              I use Encore to ISO to disc via Imgburn, and have never had a bad disc that would not play

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                nealeh Community Member

                Thanks for the suggestions folks but none relevant to my circumstances (other than the two fixes I described in my original post).


                Ah well, it was a long shot. If I ever decide to reinstall PRE I'll run Sysinternals process explorer to identify the exact system changes the installation program makes.


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                  endfates Community Member

                  I recently had this problem myself and got it resolved by installing more video codecs.  Its strange that the program did not have all the codecs needed to work.  Codecs are basically language/translation info for various media types.  This did the trick, not the 10+ other ideas that people had that did not work for me.  Hope this helps.

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                    A.T. Romano Community Member



                    What version of Premiere Elements are you working with and on what computer operating system is it running?


                    With what type of burner are you working where you had this burner not recognized issue - Blu-ray/DVD/CD or just DVD/CD?


                    What specific video codecs did you find it necessary to install beyond what was provided for by the program, QuickTime, Windows Media Player,

                    and the usual assortment of players?


                    Besides "burner not recognized", did you have any "media not present" issues as well?


                    This information would be important since there is a 4 year gap between since the last entry in this thread (2010) and your post in this thread

                    tonight (2014).


                    Thank you.



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                      endfates Community Member

                      To answer your questions ATR.


                      I am using Premiere Elements 10 on a Windows 8.1 system.  Windows has been able to recognize the DVD burner ever since I got it, however, Premiere had trouble with this.  On an unrelated issue while trying to convert some videos - it was realized that the additional video codecs I downloaded addressed Premiere's issue of not finding a DVD burner despite having tried to do all the steps found on these forums.


                      I have both a DVD Burner and Blu-Ray burner.  I have to reconnect the Blu-Ray buner to see if it works, and expect it to do so after realizing the codecs was the missing answer.


                      I used at least 2 codecs - VLC and DirectShow.  DirectShow was mentioned in one of Premiere's explainations or elsewhere and it hinted that additional codecs may have been needed.  These codecs were used in addition to the conversion software i used.


                      As for your other question - windows device manager and elsewhere in the system reported no issues.  All were present and accounted for.  I even removed the DVD drive from windows manager as that was one of the solutions I found - didn't work for me.


                      I do realize that this is a 4 year old thread, but figured that the missing codecs may help fix the problem as I read several posts with no success reported.  Most problems were addressed to versions before or after what I had (10.0) so it seemed relevant as we all were trying to find a solution not a work around. 

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                        A.T. Romano Community Member



                        Thanks for the follow up with very important additional details of your particular situation and the solution that you found for it.


                        The no burner recognized and no media present situations are frustrating for the Premiere Elements burn to users.


                        In view of its significance to all, we will continue to look for reports of solutions for this matter and keep in mind your contribution

                        to determine if it works for others as it has for you.


                        Best wishes



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                          Musicears Community Member

                          First time I have ever encountered this and trying to get support from Adobe is like shooting yourself and trying to close the flesh wound.  TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SUPPORT!!!

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                            A.T. Romano Community Member



                            You know that this is not Adobe here, rather user to user? Nonetheless, I will go the extra mile to try to find a resolution if there is one.


                            What is happening?


                            Is this a "it worked before but not know" or "it never worked before" issue?

                            DVD/CD burner or Blu-ray DVD Burner (internal or external)?


                            What version of Premiere Elements on what computer operating system is not recognizing your burner?

                            Is it not being recognized for DVD, AVCHD, and Blu-ray? Can you still burn to folder in spite of this burn to disc issue?


                            If this is a "it worked before but not now" situation, any new programs installed - iTunes, other?


                            I have never found the endfates solution reported in this thread confirmed by another. Did you try it and did it have any impact

                            on your situation?


                            Depending on your overall details, there may be hope.


                            Looking forward to your follow up.





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                              Musicears Community Member

                              My apologies, just so frustrated with Adobe right now.  I upgraded to Premiere 13.  First time I went to burn a DVD and it says it cannot locate a burner.  I have have many versions and never encountered this before.  I have windows 8.1.  I tried exporting out to a folder and burning the DVD, the DVD burned fine but only will play on computers.

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                                A.T. Romano Community Member



                                I am hoping that we can find a way to get Premiere Elements 13 to recognize your burner. But in a time crunch, you can use the burn to folder to generate a DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc that will playback on computer and your TV's DVD player. You do this taking the VIDEO_TS Folder from the saved folder in burn to folder to ImgBurn.



                                1. Does the problem exist with or without a check mark next to the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and Higher preference. See Edit Menu/Preferrences/General.


                                2. You say ...."burning the DVD"...what did you do for the burn to folder....in Publish+Share/Disc/ what did you select DVD or AVCHD? You should have 3 choices in Publish+Share/Disc - DVD, AVCHD, and Blu-ray? Please confirm which one of those choices ends up with the burner not beginning recognized?


                                I will comment further in the morning.


                                Thanks for the follow up. Do not give up.