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    Encore CS4 Crashes all the time

    foxetown Level 1

      I installed Adobe Production suite cs4 on my 8g

      Dell Precision 690 system running Windows 7 Professional.


      I love all of the other Adobe software and it runs rock solid.

      Encore, however, usually crashes when I drag a video file

      to the timeline.   (I noticed, also, that the video files appear

      to have what looks like a corrupted looking icon with half

      of the image taken up by a pixely looking green mosaic on

      the timeline.)


      I have updated my version of encore and I have checked

      quite a few of the crash threads.    I never really had

      any 3rd party dvd burner software, so there was nothing

      except the Windows 7 native programs capable of writing

      to the dmv.


      I is it appropriate to attach the crash data?


      Any help you could offer would be much appreciated.

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          foxetown Level 1

          Video card Nvidia Quadro FX 4500.  Driver version 191.66  Updating the driver using the internet results in Encore not loading at all and reporting a driver conflict.  I swtiched back to the old driver.

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            foxetown Level 1

            Updated via the nvidia website to the 197.03

            64 bit version of the video driver.  It still crashes.

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              foxetown Level 1

              "Come for the Blu-Ray, stay for the crash..."

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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You don't say if you have installed the "sonic" or "roxio fix."  This has helped many with a similar problem.  sorry, don't have the link; search here or someone will come along and add it here.

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                  foxetown Level 1

                  Does that apply if you don't have either Sonic or Roxio on your system?

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Since Sonic/Roxio is part of Encore... yes, you DO have part of Sonic/Roxio on your computer and you need to install the update


                    Encore Roxio component problem http://forums.adobe.com/thread/400484?tstart=0
                    More on Encore and Roxio http://forums.adobe.com/thread/528582?tstart=0 or direct to
                    Long File Names Cause Crashing http://forums.adobe.com/thread/588273
                    Encore Tutorial http://www.precomposed.com/blog/2009/05/encore-tutorial/

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                      foxetown Level 1


                      If this is the Roxio fix in question:




                      It appears to apply to computer sleep issues (I set mine to never sleep)


                      and to Blue Ray pre-sets.


                      My problem occurs even when the build setting is for DVD.

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Yes, those are the known issues that we are referring to, thought primarily to his number 3.  Some users who were helped by installing the fix did not seem to be using bluray.  My understanding is that if you have not installed the patch, you should.


                        DAV links to a file.  Here is the sonic page:



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                          foxetown Level 1

                          The Sonic/Roxio fix did not fix the problem, but I'm beginning to think Encore might be finicky about what sorts of video formats and codecs it accepts.  I was using premiere cs4 to output to a m2v dvd format.   When I pull those files into encore and onto the timeline, Encore crashes.  However, when I pull one of my Sony EX1 MP4 native files onto the timeline, it has no problem scrubbing and playing the timeline.   Is there a "problem formats" thread?

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                            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Too bad re the fix not fixing your problem.


                            This thread is fine to pursue other issues.


                            m2v is the primary video only already transcoded asset.  There is no reason that format should create a problem.


                            I would check first by bringing a short avi in.  Also, just for troubleshooting, do not drag to the timeline, try Import as Timeline.  (It should import and also create a timeline.)  If that fails, do an import as asset.


                            Whether any of that works or not, I'd check your m2v in Gspot.  What does it say?  Did you adjust any settings when you created this?


                            I forget your original post: have you done other projects successfully?

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Often, when a program crashes or hangs, a breadcrumb trail is left behind. This ARTICLE will give you tips on tracking down clues in those breadcrumbs. One might have to do some digging, but Event Viewer will usually have something useful.


                              Good luck,



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                                foxetown Level 1

                                The m2vs were created by Premiere and I don't recall "tweeking" any of the settings.   AVIs work fine and, as I said, the native MP4 created by my Sony EX1 work fine.   I have created a DVD succesfully when I only create one M2V and pull the whole thing into Encore, (holding my breath).   I am trying other formats now too, including uncompressed AVI and quicktime-MOV format, etc.   It seems to be isolated to the way I created the M2V files.


                                What do you mean by " I'd check your m2v in Gspot." ?

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                                  Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Are you putting more than one m2v on a timeline?  If not that, what do mean about creating only one m2v?


                                  Gspot is a small, free program that tells you about the format, codec, etc of video clips.


                                  Gspot available here

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                                    foxetown Level 1

                                    Stan, yes -  I'm putting more than one M2v on the timeline, but even with one, it eventually



                                    I tested the m2v output and it was "MPEG2-DVD pre-set: ntsc progressive widescreen high quality" with no other changes in the pre-set.    Encore did not like this output at all.  I have not yet tried your suggestion of importing it as a timeline vs. asset.


                                    So far, the only output my installation of encore likes is MP4.   The "H.264 Blu-ray preset HDTV 1080i 29.97 high quality" output seems to be the most favorable to a stable encore environment for me, and I'm not sure what this says about my installation.  Updated Nvidia drivers.  Updated encore CS4.   Roxio fix in place.   I still don't know what is causing the problem.  My work around is to use the "H.264 Blu-ray preset HDTV 1080i 29.97 high quality" output.



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                                      foxetown Level 1

                                      Thanks for the breadcrumbs info.   What I get

                                      is not quite the whole bluescreen of death, system shutdown.   I get the Windows 7 64 professional applicaton has ceased responding with
                                      the invitation to tell microsoft or adobe about it.   I've been describing this as a "crash" but I'm not sure if my terminology is correct.  The applicatno crashes, not the system.

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Even with program hangs (about as mild a situation as we can have like this), there should still be some error or warning messages - at least we're both hoping that there are some. Even system/application event produces a message. When things start going south, the warning messages start, and often a full-blown error message will show up. Many of these might have links. Follow each link and any links within those pages. You'll probably see a bunch of cryptic code, but it the real text messages, and links that we're looking for.


                                        Good luck,



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                                          foxetown Level 1

                                          My project is a 50 minute drama, broken up into chapters of about 5 minutes long on average.   Each chapter was edited in Premiere CS4.  When I output the chapters to H.264 files, and then import them into Encore, I can assemble a timeline and burn a DVD.

                                          However--if I import, say, the first five chapters, drop them on the timeline, burn a disk, and then save the project to add the next 5 chapters later, in a subsequent session, the transcoded files create the same instability I got when I was using Premiere-created M2V files.    It's almost as though the transcoded nature of the files itself causes the problem. 


                                          I mention this in case this rings any bells for the people who are familiar with format issues.

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                                            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            Based on your problems, something is wrong with your setup.  I continue to be confused as to what you are doing with various assets and what works.


                                            There are some assets that create problems when you put more than one on a timeline.  I didn't realize what you were doing; now I understand why you kept dragging assets to the timeline when I was trying to get you to create a timeline for each asset.


                                            A primary alternative is to create one timeline for each asset (m2v or h264); then use a playlist to create the movie.


                                            I don't do bluray yet; is there a bug with bluray playlists?

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                                              foxetown Level 1

                                              For the moment, I'm not working with a blu-ray pre-set. 


                                              I will try the import as timeline approach, and I'll look up the playlist method of stringing the timelines together.   (I hesitated at the import as timeline approach because I thought I would be stuck with 10 unconnected timelines, but now I'll look up the concept of a playlist and see how that functions as a work-around.)


                                              What I find confusing is the finicky nature of my setup with certain sorts of assets and assets in transcoded or un-transcoded states.   My assets appear to get more tempermental the closer they are to the transcoded state.  If I import Premiere-created M2V files, Encore freezes.   If I import MP4 files, Encore is fine in a single session before any burning and transcoding occurs.  Once they are transcoded, Encore freezes or goes to the error screen.


                                              Adobe support is not a lot of help.   So far they have pointed me to the Sonic fix, which I told them beforehand didn't work for me and a Windows XP and Windows Vista freeze debugging KB article.  (They don't even have a Windows 7 freeze debug article yet.) 


                                              Thanks for the responses.   I'll keep plugging away.   

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                The Playlist is a very powerful tool.


                                                I agree that using multiple Timelines solves many issues with ganged Assets in a single Timeline.


                                                I cannot recall the last time that I ganged any Assets, but must have done it at some time in the past.


                                                Good luck, and please report your success,



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                                                  I went through nearly the identical work to discover pretty much all the same non-solutions in the past 24 hours trying to create a very high res dvd of a photography slideshow. I want Blu-ray definition.  But I can't make it work. Dude, Foxetown. Did you ever find a combination with blu-ray that worked?  I've had the same experience with m2v and furthermore, my workaround solution (Roxio Creator) won't read m2v files as assets and reduces all other types of assets to a non-negotiable video resolution during transcoding which just doesn't have the zing I'm going for.


                                                  I'm not sure if a slideshow generated in Premiere using the animate as sequence function to place a hundred or so still images onto the timeline with uniform transitions qualifies as "ganged assets".  I added motion, tediously (would it be too much to ask for a motion preset that can be applied during the animate to sequence batch process???), and exported at the highest possible quality level MPEG2-BluRay with 1080p which is apparently (by trial and error) the best setting for the video resolution integrity.  After the first half dozen freeze-ups and even system crashes in Encore I realized this might not be a one-hour task. A solid 34 hours later (including two hours of sleep) and I'm seriously questioning the acuity of Adobe software development strategists.  I don't remember having this many problems in pre-Encore Premiere but then again there was no Blu-Ray in those days. I just wish I could make it do what it says it's going to do.  I want this product. It'll make money for me.

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                                                    I am also having stability issues with CS4 Encore.  I have applied the Roxio PX engine fix as suggested in the FAQ's along with deleting the AppData subdirectory, rebooting etc. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/629151?tstart=0


                                                    My issue occurs when I am trying to burn the movie. All the timelines and associated sound tracks go through the transcoding phase, then further work is being done on the audio files and the application crashes at this point every time - I can upload a screen shot just before the crash if this would be of use.  The painful thing is it takes an hour or so to get to this point so testing potential fixes is very time consuming.   I am burning to an image file as opposed to a disk so I don't chew through dual layer disks until I am happy all is what I want.  I don't expect this to make a difference, but I am open to feedback.


                                                    I am relatively new to the Adobe suite so any pointers on how to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated.  I have sent off the crash forms to Adobe when they appear on the screen explaining what I have been doing.

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                                                      Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                      I suggest you post this as a separate thread.  Crashes can happen for a lot of reasons, and the point at which Encore crashes for you is different from most (all?) the other examples here.


                                                      It would help if you report the type of assets you are using, particularly whether muxed or not and what audio you are bringing in.


                                                      When you say the build goes through the timelines, are you not transcoding the timeline assets before the build?  (This can save a lot of time for the actual build.)

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                                                        konastephen Level 1

                                                        A separate thread might be a good idea too but Sando has basically summed up exactly where I've gotten as well since my last post. I have given up trying to solve it. My deadlines don't allow me the luxury of spending whole days trying a small handful of different fixes. I went with Roxio Creator to produce my latest product although I'm very disappointed in the quality. I was hoping for something a lot more impressive.


                                                        Does anyone know how well Encore works in CS5? I'm hoping that if I can scrape the funds together to upgrade sometime in the next couple of quarters my problems with transcoding in Encore will go away...