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    [VB] geometricbounds of selection


      How do I get geometricbounds of the selection without grouping? Loop and calculate min and max?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Sure. Don't worry -- it's all done inside a computer, it shouldn't take too long. Perhaps a tenth of a second or so.


          Alternatively, group, read bounds, ungroup. I bet that takes longer (InDesign also has to loop over the objects, then do a lot of internal shuffle-work, then un-do all of it again).

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            cotcodac Level 1

            I am not worried about the time - I am a beginner - time is not an issue for me right now...


            I just thought there might be another way, an easier one, like "myIndesign.Selection.geometric bounds"...

            The grouping thing has the dissadvantage that it modifies the document - perhaps there was another object stacked between elements of the selection... After grouping the original stack order wont be the same.

            Thank you...