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    FLVPlayback Memory Leak in Flash CS3


      Hi There,


      I' making a flash file with AS2 in Flash CS3. I put a FlVPlayback in stage and let it load a couple of FLV files from my local HDD and playing continuously. I use "addEventListener" to check the current running flash movie is completed. After complete event occur, I load another flv movie to paly again.Here, I noticed that memory usage is increasing every time a new flv file is loaded and played. I heard "addEventListener" in CS3 is causing the memory leak and not being detected by GC.


      Please let me know if there is a solution to solve the memory  leak issue. I posted my codes here to know something I'm doing wrong.


      Thanks in advance...


      onClipEvent (load)
          function _fun_complete(eventObj)
              this.autoRewind = "true";
              var _v1 = _root.v;
              var _v2 = _root.FLVlists.length;
              if (_v1 < _v2)
                  _v1 = 0;

              this.contentPath = _root.FLVlists[_v1].path;
              var _v3 = _root.listVids[_v1].width;
              var _v4 = (stage._width - _v3) / 2;
              this._x = _v4;
              _root.v = _v1;
          this.addEventListener("complete", _fun_complete);

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          webqaflash Level 3

          I think you have to use removeEventListener

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            TanKaw Level 1

            Helllo Friend,


            Thanks for your feedback. The problem with removeEventListener is that , the player stops and not playing anymore. In my application, I nned to loop and play one FLV files after another. For example, I need to play 3 flv files, File1.flv, File2.flv, File3.flv. I load and play File1.flv first. Once complete event trigger from "addEventlisterner" , then I load File2.flv and then File3.flv and then Flie1.flv. So it needs play continuously and causing memory leak. Please let me know if there is another way of working around.