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    Modifier Keys Stop Working (Alt, Shift, Space)

    nDriskell Level 1

      On three separate Macs at different locations in the past few months, this problem continues to crop up in Illustrator CS4.


      Modifier keys like Alt, Shift and Space stop working. So no proportional resize, no Hand Tool navigation with Space Bar, no Alt+click duplication, etc. Restarting Illustrator doesn't fix it, and restarting the computer only fixes it temporarily, sometimes only for a few minutes.


      Other applications ARE affected; when I tried typing in TextEdit during a recent glitch episode, the Alt key wouldn't work there either. However, the problem always seems to originate for me when working in Illustrator CS4. Obviously it's not unique to one computer or even one user's preferences. But the problem has gotten so bad recently it has really hampered my work.


      Any help is IMMENSELY appreciated!