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    Very difficult image transition (PLEASE HELP)


      A fellow advanced programmer and I have teamed up and were assigned a very difficult image transition effect for a Flash website banner. I will do my best to explain what it needs to do. First off, there will be several pictures(backgrounds) for the banner, and they will transition into each other via a sort of Grid-like flip effect. Visually, it will be as if the picture was divided into squares, and each individual square (top-bottom, column by column for now), will flip over, and on the backside of each square will be the corresponding portion of the "Next Image". To clarify, I will try to create a visual...Picture this: a puzzle, only the pieces are square (for simplicity). The puzzle is 2 sided. You take each individual square piece of the puzzle, starting left-right and flip them over. Once your done flipping over the pieces, you have a whole new picture! I have done my best to mock up a photoshop image of what the effect will do:





      Here is a link to rotational effect I'm looking for on each piece:



      After all is said and done, the pieces really need to be randomized in the way they flip, for example: banner is split into 10 rows/50 cols. 3-4 squares from the first col will flip, then a couple from the center of the 2nd col, then the rest of the first col...etc. It will still have a nice wave effect from left to right, but will look a bit more randomized for aesthetics. Also, the flipping of squares will most likely have to overlap or it would take forever to display the next image with 4-5 hundred squares to flip.


      The most important part is just getting the picture to hypothetically split into a grid, and have all the pieces flip, one after another until the next image is fully revealed, so if this is possible, pleeease help. If anyone has any ideas to make it sexier as far as the manner in which the squares flip, suggestions are welcome.


      Thanks so much for your time. My email is zlanich@gmail.com if anyone wants to send anything.


      P.S. I personally don't know flash at all, but my friend is a very experienced programmer. I am essentially the researcher to see if its possible and get him the info. Anything you guys can help me with will be greatly appreciated!