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    Trouble using the Reviewer feature on Captivate 4

    Brent R. Level 1

      I'm using the trial of Captivate 4 (contemplating the upgrade from CS3) and the only problem I have encounterd is with the Reviewer feature. I published a review to email, sent it to half dozen co-workers, checked the boxes to attach the AIR & CREV files. When I opened the email myself, the Reviewer loaded & the CREV played fine, however all of my co-workers got an error message (error #3003) telling them that installation failed and they should try again. I checked, and these folks have AIR installed on their PC's and the Captivate Reviewer shows up afterwards on their desktop. But they can't open the CREV file. Any body know why that's happening?  


      Captivate Reviewer Error# 3003.jpg