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    Need avise - really simple layout

    Viktor Bezdek Level 1

      Hi, I'm new to TLF and I need to create really simple layout. See image below:



      I need to create this programmatically (web service gets me plain text and image url). I tryed to use InlineGraphicsElement but the text wont wrap around it. Can someone please help?


      Thanks Viktor

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          robin.briggs Adobe Employee

          You could do this layout using linked containers. Create two ContainerControllers. The first one to hold the text that will go to the left of the image, and the second to go below. Use FlowComposer.addController() to add them in to the textflow, and position the containers (Sprites) correctly with respect to the image. The text in the flow will start in the first container, and if there is enough text, flow into the second container.


          - robin