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    Dragging and Dropping from Spark Component to Halo Component

    emansouri Level 1



      I am trying to get an implementation working where items will be able to be dragged and dropped from a Spark List component to a Halo Advanced Data Grid component.


      What I am finding is that in my ADG, my overridden dragOverHandler() method never recognizes the dragOver event, or dragDrop for that matter.


      It does however recognize the dragEnter event in my overridden dragEnterHandler() method and I can veryify that the contents of the DragSource object in the DragEvent are valid.


      Not being able to recgonize the dragOver and dragDrop events in this situation prevents me from creating the specific functionality I am trying to facilitate.


      As further information, the ADG and List are housed in separate SWFs (compiled with the same version of the Flex SDK - the release build) and both of these SWFs are loaded into a parent SWF.  Both child SWFs have the marshalling classes compiled in.


      Thank you in advance for your help here.  The nature of my application will require the ability to drag and drop from many different components to many other different components in a manner similar to what I described above.