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    How do you magnify work examples in a web page portfolio?




      The enclosed image is a snapshot of part of my web page portfolio. At the moment it is placed jpgs into Dreamweaver. When you click on a work example it opens up a new browser window with the work example enlarged (old fashioned way). This is not really a problem but I was wondering if I put my work examples into flash CS4 how do I go about creating the effect of a work example instantly being magnified the moment someone clicks it? Like what happens when you click the enclosed image.


      Is this an actionscript job or can this effect be produced without any complex scripting work? Perhaps someone knows a tutorial somewhere for a similar effect in Flash CS4. I would like the work examples to magnify quite large though. My thinking behind this was so people can't steal your work example JPGs so easily (flash portfolios seem to not allow saving of the content)


      Any advice appreciated, thanks




      Picture 6.png