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    I need help with  movie clip loading...


      I try not to bother for help however it seem that I try every possible solution and it do not work

      I have a video movie clip I created and it wok fine on it is own, but it star right a way so I decided to create a loader  .

      So now I have 2 files one is pres.swf and loader.swf

      In the loader.swf  I have a button and by clicking on it it should play fist file pres.swf.

      I try several variation and it do not work

      Any suggestions

      I use basic script for this

      and here it is

      on (release) {
      loadMovie ("pres.swf", "movieholder");


      I actually try gotoAndPlay() as well

      I do not get any errors but it would not load a clip...


      Thanx in advance