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    Mysterious...on-line open: OK; saved file open: NO GO


      I have Windows XP, SP3 and IE 7 v. 0

      I had Adobe Reader 8.x or early 9.  Adobe update "installed" 9.1.  Since then, I've had problems.  I opted to "update" from Adobe to 9.3.1, and I still have the same problems.  I can read .pdf files from on-line, e.g., http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf.  IF I save this as a .pdf file, I'm unable to open it...at all.  If I left click...nothing.  If I opt to "Open" / "Open with Adobe Reader 9"...nothing.  Previously saved (and previously re-opened) .pdf files are now inaccessible.   A friend e-mailed me a .pdf attachment.  I had her send it to Yahoo mail, gmail and hotmail...just in case.  Unable to open.  If I save as

      a .pdf file, I'm unable to open it.  When trying to perform a "Save As," the "as" option is unavilable.  Only options are .pdf and "All Files."  I tried saving as

      as .txt, .docx, .bmp, .jpg, .tif & .gif...just in case.  Still unable to open it.  I checked Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs.  Everything is there.  (Easy question?  Adobe says the latest verision is about 38Mb.  My Control Panel (etc) display shows about 411Mb.  WTF?)


      I tried removing, and reinstalling...no difference.  I disabled firewall (only)...no diff.  I enabled firewall and disabled the rest of AVG...no diff

      I performed extensive housecleaning with System Mechanic.(which I've had for >3 years..;.and no problems before) and reinstalling using

      the aforementioned iterations...no diff.


      Now...when I say "nothing," here's what happens:  I click on the file I want to open and...the hourglass appears for about ¼-½ seconds...

      then...NOTHING else happens.


      Any help would be appreciated.  If you wish, you may send your answer to my e-mail: ahacia@yahoo.com and please use an appropriate subject.


      Thank you.

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What happens when you start Adobe Reader?

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            BoatSailor Level 1

            Nothing.  I left-click on Adobe Reader 9 (to run it), and nothing happens.  I right-click on Adobe Reader 9, left-click on "Run," and

            nothing happens.  I clicked on the Adobe Reader 9 Installer (folder).  There are 5 files in the foilder. One is "Adobe Bootstrapper for

            Single Installation" (337Kb), anda somewthing appears to go through a process of "installing" Adobe 9.  Afterwards...nothing (still)

            happens.  The other icon is "AcroRead Windows Installer Package" (3.88Mb).  "Running" that produces the same screen displays

            as the Bootstrapper...and the same results.  Nothing happens.  Of the remaining files in the folder, two are text files and one is a

            104 Mb data (Cabinet) file.  I can still display .pdf files from on-line sources, e.g., our Internal Revenue Service.  I'm just unable to

            open previously saved .pdf files.  I saved a W-4 form.  I closed all other applications, went to the file, left-clicked on it to open it and...

            nothing happened.

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              BoatSailor Level 1

              I performed a complete uninstall (my 4th one).  I installed FOXIT, a free ".pdf"

              reader.  Didn't do anything else.  Works great!  Must've been something wrong with Adobe.


              Thanx for listening.