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    Editing as Smart Object Problem


      I use LR 2 and Photoshop CS3.  When in LR, I choose edit in Photoshop as Smart Object.  No problem.  I make my changes in PS with no issues, but when I go to save the file, rather than keeping the linkage with Lightroom and simply saving the file back into my stack, It pulls up the Save As diaglog box and asked me where I want to save it.  This doesn't seem to happen when I edit a photo normally in PS - just when I do it as a smart object.


      Anyone else experience this?

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          Hi TexKen,


          Unfortunately I can't help you here since... I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Same combination of software (running on Windows). Tried experimenting with Smart Objects from Lightroom 2.6 to CS3 and it doesn't take me back to Lightroom.


          Anyone, please help us... ;-)