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    [CS4 Mac] Change PictureWidget image at running time.


      I have a PictureWidget on a panel - by default it displays a PNG file loaded from resources.

      It can also display error icons when a query fails - etc: these icons are loaded from plugin's 'PICT' resources.

      So far so good.

      Now - when a query doesn't fail it would need to display an image stored as a 'PICT' file on a server: the query result is telling me which 'PICT' file is to be displayed in the PictureWidget.

      For QXP I was using DrawPicture() to draw the PicHandle directly in the item rectangle.

      Switching it to InDesign - I am looking for a recipe to achieve same result but following InDesign SDK means and spirit.

      In other words - how do we change a PictureWidget image at running time in order to display a PICT files from server instead of built-in default PNG or 'PICT' resources.

      Any pointer or direction to achieve this would be very much appreciated indeed.

      Best regards

      Patrick Perroud