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    loading movieclips to stage?

    shintashi Level 1
      I have two movieclips in my library with linkage listed "meiosis1" and "meiosis2".


      this.attachMovie("meiosis1", "kyro2", 1, {_x: 128, _y: 128});
      this.attachMovie("meiosis2", "kyro3", 1, {_x: 128, _y: 128});

      doesn't work.
      I also tried _root.attachMovie, but no success.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          meiosis2 should attach when your use _root.attachMovie().

          they both won't attach because you're using the same depth and "this" may reference something other than a timeline because i'm sure that code has been extracted from a handler or function.

          well, maybe not. if that code is attached to a timeline then it will fail because it's not in a Key listener and it can't be in a loop or you're going to have problems repeatedly attaching the 2nd movieclip.