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    ComboBox "parts"

      I got the HTML entites to work, and when I open up the combobox "list", everything display properly, but when I select an item from the list, it does not look right. For example, if I select H2O (where the 2 is subscripted), what I get in the "display" is H(upside down question mark)0...it's like the font that is used in the list is not carried forward to this display part (when I say "display" I mean where the selection is shown, next to the drop down arrow) - it is picking up the default font here.

      My code is as follows (I created a custom component as was suggested in a previous post).:

      <local:HtmlComboBox id="Option0" dataProvider="{subArray}" fontFamily="chemFont">
      <mx:Text htmlText="{data}" />

      How/where do I change the font for the "display"?