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      The error reads "getplus+error", under that is reads UNABLE TO LOAD GUI.


      I am running Windows XP Home, SP2, Internet Explorer 8.


      No one told me how to fix this problem just a bunch of talk, give me a web site or talk in a way I can follow the steps.


      I do not see where to download the DOWNLOAD MANAGER, anyone have the web link to download it.


      Help, but I am not a computer wiz so help me out with steps or links to follow.


      All the different answers just confuse us.



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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, first you do not want the Download Manager or getPlus, they both cause problems. So first, you need to go to


          Add/Remove from the Control Panel. When you find the DLM(download manager) you will click on it and Remove it.


          You will know it's removed because it will no longer be listed. Then look for getPlus, and do the same.


          When you have finished that, Reboot(restart) your computer.



          Now I need to have some information:


          Are you the Administrator and using the Administrator Account?


          What Anti-Virus/Spyware do you use? Does it contain a Firewall? If not, do you use any Firewall other than Windows Firewall?


          Do you use any Ad-Block or is any pop-up blocker software installed?


          Do you use any third party Toolbars?




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            bagolddigger Level 1

            I am the admin. on this computer. I use CA antivirus which I disable the firewall before I try to download.


            I could not remove the DLM, did go into window explorer and delete the program NOS which showed the getplus. In my add/remove programs it still shows the DLM but does not have any about of mb to it. It would not let me delete it. I have restarted my computer and have not tried to download Flash again.  I was waiting to see what you thought. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I still have a hard time finding where to reply to your post.


            I did do a window update today, since everything was running slow and IE was closing all the time with errors. I can do a restore if I need too or run a disc check.


            I order the SP 3 cd so it wll install all the required files more than a download, I know there are two types of SP one is just a patch and one is a full Service pack.


            I do use  a pop-up blocker. Do not think I have any other toolbars on here.



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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi, ok thanks for the info. When you clicked on the DLM in Add/Remove you could not remove it? I'll do some checking on

              that and see what I can find. It wouldn't have any size listed, since it isn't a program, it is a downloader.


              The getPlus was not in the Add/Remove, but you removed NOS.


              I would not suggest doing a system restore, unless you have a valid reason to do so. It may restore something that you do not want restored and cause you more problems.


              You have XP/SP2, so the SP3 would be the next one( Service Pack) You can install that from Microsoft online if you wanted to. I wouldn't do it now while you are working to get Flash Player installed. The SP3 does take some time, a couple of hours. Just be sure to read the preparation needed before doing it.


              The pop up blocker and the CA Anti-Virus will be taken care of when you Uninstall.


              Does the CA have a Firewall, or do you use the Windows Firewall?


              We will need to run an Uninstall before Installing and I'll give you the links and instructions for that. My concern is the DLM, since it has not been removed, may interfere. I have some info on that, so hold off until I get back to you on that.



              Since my time zone is U.S.EDT, it is 12:35AM, so I'll get back to you tomorrow afternoon.


              The easiest way to find your thread to reply is go to www.adobe.com and then hold your mouse over communities and when the window opens, click on forum. Then you'll see the down arrow to select forum, find Flash Player and click on Go.

              Then find your thread and click on it and then you can post.






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                bagolddigger Level 1

                Thanks, I use the CA firewall instead of windows, think I am going to microtrend after the sp3 update.


                On my other computer, every time I tried to download Flashplayer italways makes you download the DLM.


                Have a good night and I will be around when you get a chance, thanks alot for your help.

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  You can download the offline installer (without DLM) for Internet Explorer from this link http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_ax.exe; save it to disk, then close all browser windows and run the downloaded installer.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi ba, before you start, go to manage add ons (All add ons) and check if any DLM or getPlus add ons are listed. If they are, disable them and then proceed with what I have posted below.


                    The following is a thread that has the instructions that you can follow:




                    Look for Post # 6. Now after you have the Uninstaller and Installer on your Desktop and when you get to the step "Close all browsers" you will do the following:


                    Close all browsers.

                    Disconnect from the Internet

                    Disable your CA Anti-Virus and CA Firewall

                    Then RUN the Uninstaller and the Rebooting that is listed there.

                    You will then check the CA A/V & Firewall to make sure it is still Disabled, if not Disable it again

                    Then RUN the Installer, and Reboot Once when finished.

                    Re-enable your CA A/V & Firewall

                    Reconnect back to the Internet and do the Adobe test


                    Post back the results and I'll have you check some files.


                    If you have any questions, please ask before you start.





                    P.S. I forgot to tell you that you may want to print this info out so it will be easier to follow.


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                      bagolddigger Level 1

                      I downloaded the file you said, it never showed an unstall program, but I ran it rebooted. Ran it again as install it said it had installed, but when I checked under the add/remove programs it still showed the DLM and Flashplayer 10 but there was no info and it did not show any mb.


                      How do I run the Adobe test?


                      I am using another computer right now until you tell me what to do on the other one.


                      I enabled the firewall and antivirus and have the internet connection back up for that computer. This one is hooked to my printer that is why I am using it.


                      Will be waiting to hear from on what to do next.



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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hi, well it sounds like it all went ok. Now the Add/Remove won't be where the files are. Go to this site to test, as soon as the site opens, in a second or two, Adobe will tell you that you have FP installed and the version #. You don't have to do anything other than go to the site.


                        It will also tell you if FP is not installed or some message.






                        Then I will have some more info for you, let me know what the test said.





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                          bagolddigger Level 1

                          The website showed Flash Player installed Version 10,0,45,2


                          How do I keep it updated?


                          Do I need to go to Facebook and see if it works?


                          One other question you might help me with. I have Internet Explorer to delete temp. files and also do I need to have it delete the part about saving data from website you visit to make them work and load faster. Right now it deletes it all.


                          thanks so much for your help, I will have to do the same thing to this computer. It takes forever to load and IE is slow as all get out.

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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Hi, well the test has the right Flash Player version, that is the latest.


                            I don't know when Adobe will come out with the next version. You may receive a prompt on your computer saying an update is available and given the choice to install, remind me later, or don't install. You can just click on your choice. I would click on Install. It is all done by Adobe and you don't have to go thru what you just did. That is how I update, from the prompt.


                            Before we finish, I'll give you the site so you can sign up for Adobe to notify you if you like.


                            Right now, I want you to go to Manage add ons(all add ons) and find Shockwave Flash Object...ActiveX Control...

                            Flash10e.ocx and make sure it is listed that way and enabled. This is the version Let me know.


                            On your temp files, click on Tools, then click on Internet Options. You should see a rectangle box "delete files". Click on that and another window will open, "offline content" and a small box, click on the small box and say ok. Then click on delete files again and just say ok. Then down at the bottom, click on ok and you are done. Now I don't use IE8 so yours may be somewhat different, but that is the idea.




                            I have a couple of links for IE8 from Microsoft and I'll post them.


                            Check that add on for me and post back.




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                              bagolddigger Level 1

                              The only thing I could find was

                              Adobe Systems-enabled

                              Shockwave Flash Object-


                              Under that was:

                              get_atlcom Class


                              Do you use Foxfire or have a Mac

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                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                Hi, that Shockwave Flash Object is an old version, actually 4 versions old. We are going to have to remove it,

                                and get the latest version installed. I'll get you the info in a minute.



                                Now the fact that the get_atlcom is there, tells me when you removed the NOS, that didn't do it. Does it say it is an ActiveX? or BHO? or Helper? Which is listed by it?




                                Here is what you need to do first. Go to Start, then click on search. In one of the fields enter: getplus and click search. The search results will tell you where the file is so you can go and remove/delete it.


                                Are you sure you are running as Administrator? Just double checking.


                                No I don't use FF and not a Mac. My sis has a brand new iMac, like a foreign language to me LOL I have thot of installing FF, but just have so much going on, have not done it.


                                If it's not Flash Player updating, it's Adobe Reader, or Microsoft or Java, or the Anti-Virus and on and on!! Ha-Ha, hard to keep up sometimes. I have sticky notes everywhere.


                                Ok, see what you can do and post back.



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                                  bagolddigger Level 1

                                  under the more info. on add on's Here is what is listed:


                                  get_atlcom Class

                                  Active X Control



                                  Last accessed: 4/18/10 22 hours ago


                                  File: gp.ocx

                                  Folder: c:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files


                                  Shockwave Flash Object

                                  Active X Control



                                  Last accessed: 4/18/10 1 hour ago


                                  use count 107601

                                  block count 1

                                  File: Flash10e.ocx

                                  Folder: C:\WINDOWS\System32\Macromed\Flash


                                  Do you still want me to search and delete getplus file or wait until I heard back from you


                                  I am the admin on this computer/ there has been no pop-ups asking for admin permission


                                  If you want to wait till tomorrow just let me know and send an email in the morning or when you get time tomorrow. I know this is taking up a lot of your time and I am sorry for that.



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                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                    Ok, thanks. That's a good feature that you can get additional information on those ActiveX Controls.


                                    No I don't think you need to search now. I was pretty sure the get_atlcom was in the program files.


                                    We will remove it and the old version of Shockwave Flash Object also, but a different way.


                                    Ok, thanks for confirming the Admin. part.



                                    Thanks for the consideration. I think we'll take a break for tonight and start tomorrow.


                                    I have a birthday (not mine) get together with Family tomorrow, so not sure when I'll get back on the forum. Afternoon as far as I know of the plans now.


                                    But when I do, I'll post to you.





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                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                      Hi, This is the website you want to go to and find "Can I delete Add-ons or ActiveX Controls? Open that and follow it and you want to Remove Shockwave Flash Object version Then click on get_atlcom Class and Remove it.


                                      When finished, Reboot. Check in your all add ons and make sure they have both been Removed.


                                      Check in your Add/Remove again to make sure getPlus is not listed there, alphabetically.  You should be able to Remove the DLM also. Adobe says you can, so I'm not sure why you can't. What happens when you click on the DLM?


                                      In your post#2 you said you deleted a program NOS which showed the getPlus? Please check and see if it is there now

                                      and did you delete one file, two files. Was this NOS in your Program files from Windows?



                                      Thanks and let me know.




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                                        bagolddigger Level 1

                                        In your last post you said for me to go to a website, but you did not list the website address.


                                        I am not sure if the NOS is a getplus or if it was a windows program


                                        What do you want me to do.

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                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                          Hi, glad you posted back and reminded me of that! Here is the website:


                                          http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Internet-Explorer-add-ons-frequently-asked-que stions


                                          No, the NOS is not a Windows program. It is a download installer that Adobe uses, but not needed and causes problems.



                                          I got behind and hadn't had time to check your thread, sorry.


                                          Ok, try that and let me know.





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                                            bagolddigger Level 1

                                            I tried to run a test page again, but it comes up broken link.


                                            I went to the website and done what it said, but it would not let me remove the flash or the get plus. I can disable them but not delete them.


                                            I also found under run without permission the flash version


                                            right now under my manage addons flash version is enabled


                                            getplus is disabled.


                                            Remember I am running window XP.


                                            In the Add/Remove programs I still show the DLM and it will not let me delete.

                                            It does show Flash as version


                                            I looked in my recycle bin to see if the NOS file was there but it is not and does not show up under the programs in window explorer.

                                            I can do a search and see if the files are on the computer anywhere?



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                                              bagolddigger Level 1

                                              I ran a search and here is what I found. Just hope I can type this right:


                                              IN BLUE COLOR was NOS File Foler

                                              c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data




                                              inside folder:

                                              getPlus Plus_ADOBE.EXE-2A28536F.pf

                                              getPlus Plus_ADOBE_REG.EXE-0FA4F360.pf


                                              NOS FOLDER:

                                              sub folder: Adobe Downloads

                                              sub folder: GP_GUI_Adobe in this folder:

                                              File: getUninst_E 2883E8F-472F-4fb0-9522-AC9BF37916A7

                                              File: getUninst_E2883E8F-472F-4fb0-9522-AC9BF37916A7.lck



                                              Hope this helps. What does the blue color mean, I have quite a few files that show up in blue including one that says IE8(2)

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                                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                Thanks for searching. I am not sure what the blue color means. Let's see if we can delete the files this way.


                                                Do a search for gp.ocx and then go to the locations that the search results list and delete/remove every listing of gp.ocx.

                                                Then do another search for gp.inf and do the same thing.


                                                Reboot your computer after that.


                                                Then go to your All add ons and see if the get_atlcom Class has been removed.


                                                Then go back to Add/Remove and see if you can now Remove the DLM listing. If you can, Reboot.



                                                Post back the results please.






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                                                  bagolddigger Level 1

                                                  I have done a seach on the files gp.ocx and gp.inf every which way I can and nothing comes up.


                                                  trying a search for get_atlcom now and so far nothing on it. I have not looked in the add/ons again.


                                                  What now?? I know you are getting tired of me but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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                                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                    Hi, Well I am as puzzled as you are. I use XP also, so where you go I am more familiar with than other OS's.


                                                    When I search, I click on Start, then click on Search. In the window that opens, there are 2 places to enter info. Enter

                                                    gp.ocx in the place that says "All or part of the file name". Same place for the gp.inf. Then hit Search near the bottom, and

                                                    wait until it is done.


                                                    Is that how you search?


                                                    Now that get_atlcom Class was in all add ons. We have to remove the file that put it there and that is what you are searching for, we remove the gp.ocx and the gp.inf then the get_atlcom Class will be removed because of that. Am I making any sense? LOL


                                                    Let me know if you search that way.





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                                                      bagolddigger Level 1

                                                      Yes that is how I search, it comes up use search

                                                      compaion and it has all the space and where you want to seach.


                                                      I just tried to go on line on that computer and it ask for me to install active X controls. Do I want to do this or just not use this computer at all for now.


                                                      I use it for my facebook and need to get to facebook in the morning. I do not like to use facebook on this computer.


                                                      Let me know if I can go to facebook on the other computer or not and let's call it a night and try again in the morning or when you get a chance.

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                                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                        Hi, ok that's good, at least that is the same. What website is asking to install an ActiveX Control and for what? What does the message say? You don't want to allow that unless you know it is safe. So let me know right away.




                                                        Now here is something I want you to do. Go and right click on the CA icon and find the Privacy Option, open that or click on it however it's done and turn off the ad/pop-up blocker.


                                                        Then check this site and see if you can see the animation:








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                                                          bagolddigger Level 1

                                                          When I click on IE I have goole as my homepage it has a pop-up that says:

                                                          This website wants to run Adobe Flash Player click to allow.


                                                          I cannot check the other web site until I know if you want me to allow IE to allow Flashplayer to run.

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                                                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                            Hi again, so it is a request from Google to allow Flash Player to install? I would not allow it, for the simple reason you will be right back where you were before. Until we get rid of the DLM/getPlus, etc. and get CA under control, you'll just have another failed attempt. I don't see any point in that, do you?


                                                            We are trying to remedy what prevented you to have a successful Uninstall/Install in the first place. We have not done that yet, and until we do, Flash Player will continue to fail to Install.


                                                            I don't want you to check any web site until you tell me if you acted on the CA info I posted. When I ask you to do something and post back, I do it for a reason. I need to know the results of what I asked you to do.


                                                            You don't need to allow the prompt from Google to install Flash Player and fail in order to have Adobe check your Flash Player version, etc.





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                                                              bagolddigger Level 1

                                                              I am sorry I am trying to do as you say, the pop up bothered me that is why I asked.


                                                              I turned off the CA pop-up and went to the adobe site, the page displayed but the pop up bar at the top want to know wheather or not to run Flash player.

                                                              So it will not tell me anything until you tell me to allow it.

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                                                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                Hi, I know you are doing the best you can. Sorry If I was short. I'm glad you asked about the pop up, that is what you were supposed to do.


                                                                Ok, now the pop up since you explained it means this. The one you got from your home page is asking because it is looking at the old SWO in your add ons and knows it is not the correct one and wants you to update Flash Player. However, that is normal. The only thing is that pop up does not take anything into consideration other than it sees the wrong version, that's all. Only we know what we are doing to correct the problems so we can install the correct Flash Player version.


                                                                Same think when you went to the Adobe site I gave you. It is asking the same thing for the same reason as the pop up did

                                                                on your home page. The only way it will tell you anything is if and when we get the correct Flash Player installed.


                                                                The fact that you are getting the pop-ups just means that you don't have the correct version of Flash Player installed.


                                                                Only we know why, the pop up doesn't:-)


                                                                If we had the correct Flash Player installed, you would not get any pop ups!! LOL So we are going to ignore the pop ups and continue to correct the problems and try to get Flash Player installed, right?


                                                                Hope that explains it.


                                                                Have a good night:-)






                                                                P.S. you can answer me this tomorrow. So you found the Privacy Option and the ad/pop up blocker, right?

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                                                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                  Hi, I meant to tell you I printed out all of the searches you did, where you said you had a lot of blue entries. I didn't have

                                                                  time to check them out yet, but intend to.


                                                                  Maybe some good info will turn up from that. Very busy day.





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                                                                    bagolddigger Level 1

                                                                    Hi, It is me again sorry.


                                                                    I did a search on My Computer today for Flash Player, it came up with 2 folders.


                                                                    Flash Player C:\Documents and Settings\Betty Ann\Application Data\Adobe

                                                                    Flash Player C:\Documents and Settings\Betty Ann\Application Data\Macromedia


                                                                    1st Folder: Flash Player



                                                                    3C82B2A2455B252B8595FD0113249AA19D7E8BD0.heu         1KB

                                                                    3C82B2A2455B252B8595FD0113249AA19D7E8BD0.swz         557KB

                                                                    Date modified- 4/18/2010


                                                                    AF07B46903A6C5D87A24725CB7D50DE352A0383C.heu         1KB

                                                                    AF07B46903A6C5D87A24725CB7D50DE352A0383C.swz         526KB

                                                                    Date modified-12/1/2009


                                                                    2nd Folder: Flash Player

                                                                    Folder- #SharedObjects

                                                                    Folder- T4LG7MRY

                                                                    contains lots of different files


                                                                    Folder: Macromedia.com




                                                                    Contains lots of different files


                                                                    Folder: www.Macromedia.com



                                                                    Adobe logo- Adobe Installer


                                                                    File Version:

                                                                    Date: 6/13/2009


                                                                    Do you think if I deleted the one or more of these files, they might be the problem. I really need to try to get this up and going.


                                                                    Thanks so much for your time.

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                                                                      bagolddigger Level 1

                                                                      Good Morning,


                                                                      I know you are busy and I hate to bother you, but could you please reply.


                                                                      I need to know if I should try to delete the FP Folder that has the wrong version and dated 12/09 or not. Then try to download the new version.

                                                                      Since I cannot even go on the internet on that computer. It is the computer I pay my bills with and I need to at least get so I can go on line and most websites use FlashPlayer.


                                                                      Again I am sorry for the trouble and bother, If you are not able to help me please let me know so I can see if I can get some one local and pay to have it fixed.


                                                                      Thanks for all your hard work and time,

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                                                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                        Hi ba, it's no bother:-) I know you are as frustrated as I am. Those files that you listed, you do not want to disturb in any way.


                                                                        The problems that we are facing are the removing of the DLM, which you are unable to do. The removal of the vs in your add ons, along with the get_atlcom Class that is there. That you were unable to find the gp.ocx or gp.inf is another issue. Most all of these, other users are able to do and then proceed. For some reason you are not able to and I don't know why. Because of  this, I am of the opinion that another try, will fail. However, if you would like to try again, you can.


                                                                        I hate to see you have to pay for something that you or some friend or relative that could help you can do. Now before you resort to that, I am going to give you the toll free number for Microsoft for users that have IE8 installed, as you do.


                                                                        I'll give you both the International and U.S. sites and use whichever applies to you.






                                                                        I do hope that you can resolve these issues. Sometimes there are other problems with a computer that is beyond my ability to diagnose.