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    iPhone Flash

    FSL_DiGi Community Member
      Is there will be flash player in iPhone in future?
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          > Is there will be flash player in iPhone in future?

          Adobe has made no announcement about this. There may be. There may not be.
          No one outside of Adobe (or maybe Apple too) know the answer.




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            thegendreamer Community Member
            I think there will be its a big market
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              mucatron Community Member
              Adobe would like to bring Flash to the iPhone however the end user agreement restricts us from doing so.

              Ask Apple.

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                CHAOS'|nc. Community Member
                Damn.. That sucks.. Iphone really needs flash! Who's end of the contract is causing this restriction?
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                  I would like to know the answer to this question as wellI. I used my iPhone to browse mobilespin.net they use flash to display their ringtone tool and for playbacks of music and video, but none of these diplay correctly.

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                    Yeah I read an article a few weeks ago about how Adobe has managed to get flash to run on the iPhone without support from Apple.. i.e. Flash within Safari. Any news on when this will be out and working ? Honestly flash is the last thing that this great little gadget is missing..    

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                      Stuart Haiz Community Member

                      I was under the impression that the issue was due to Flash being a CPU hog and the iPhone battery being pretty poor...


                      Unfortunately, I can't remember the source of this nugget of information. I think it would most likely to have been a Mac forum.

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                        I don't see this happening any time soon. Jobs has aid there are no plans to add Flash to the iPad either, as it eats too much battery life. He's just not a fan of Flash and there's been no indication that his opinions are going to change. (Do they ever?)



                        Ricky Brigante

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                          Well for ages he wasn't going to do a phone at all, so Apple does change tack sometimes.  I have compiled a list of Apple backflips to encourage petitioners at my online petition site http://flash4ipad.com/apple-backdowns-failures (consider signing the petition to apple about flash on ipad while you are there!).


                          I know it might seem pointless to speak out, but it also can't hurt eh?  http://flash4ipad.com/is-it-pointless-to-petition-apple-about-flash

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                            I just think Adobe should stop all developpements on Apple, like Google done in China, but Adobe is afraid of Apple... :/

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                              Stuart Haiz Community Member

                              "I just think Adobe should stop all developpements on Apple, like Google done in China, but Adobe is afraid of Apple... :/"


                              Adobe make software. The issue with Flash is Apple choosing to build mobile hardware that doesn't want to use Flash due to the demand it makes on the processor and battery life. I am a web designer and I use Flash, BUT since this issue (with the iPhone initially) arose, I have looked to other options, such as jQuery as a means of delivering engaging content for my clients.


                              Many creatives use Apple Macs as their preferred machine for a host of reasons. Adobe benefit from the numbers of legitimate sales of their Creative Suite software to these users, me included. This is very different from Apple deciding to focus development of Logic for the Mac OS many years ago. Adobe are unlikely to turn their backs on a significant revenue stream - Mac users, for several reasons, historic, nostalgic or otherwise.


                              My take is to start using device detection and implement alternate content where Flash isn't supported. This includes plenty of browsers in Corporate environments.

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                                Steve Howard, ACP Community Member

                                My take is to start using device detection and implement alternate content where Flash isn't supported. This includes plenty of browsers in Corporate environments.



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                                  djk314 Community Member

                                  " I have looked to other options, such as jQuery as a means of delivering engaging content for my clients."

                                  A lot of great games online are developped in flash, html+java+css can't do the same thing (or with a lot of hard work) so for simple content ok, but Flash can not be replaced at the moment ( with silverlight may be), i'm developper too, but i don't care about Apple or Mac users (i own a Macbook too) my creations will use Flash if i need it, Steve Jobs will not tell me to not use it or use what else he want....Steve Jobs is not my Mum, he need to be kick assed by someone.

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                                    Stuart Haiz Community Member

                                    If you are looking to replicate the Flash-in-a-browser-type gaming experience on a hand-held device, why not download the free iPhone SDK. As a developer, you have an opportunity to make some money selling gaming apps. A lot of hard work will be needed though to produce something that people want to part with money for...

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                                      Looks like it is official, no Flash for iPhone. Amen !

                                      Now maybe Flash can get on with getting Flash (not Flash Lite) onto Nokia devices such as the E71 and others. Nokia has a BIG installed base that could keep people happily using Flash for some time (HTML5 may win out eventually, but only if Adobe conceedes Flash markets to HTML by not supporting capable phones that are only a little older such as the E71). Come on Adobe, where is the LOVE ? !

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                                        djk314 Community Member

                                        I use Android now, i sold my 3GS and i own a Htc Desire, really better than Apple things....

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                                          djk314 Community Member

                                          Do like me and buy an Htc Desire/Incredible (or even a nexus) and you will see it's really far better than with my old 3Gs (and maybe with the 4G)....

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                                            Where exactly did you find that its offical? I did a search but couldn't locate it. I really hope that is not the case because our hip hop beats website uses a very nice flash based player and we had plans  for an iphone market. If anybody can confirm this we would appreciate it.

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                                              I would say definitely yes...infact Iphone has to come with that..Reason being is that latest verizon droid already has the flash inbuilt version. Some key websites are pointing this as a big difference for user wbsurfing experiences and it might be the deciding factor for the sales. Lets see if 4gs has something in it or not





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                                                There will not be a flash player for your IPhone anytime soon.. probably ever. Sorry. As an IPhone user I am also left saddened ..The reason for this is quite simple.. Flash enables quite a lot of application ability.  Apple can't afford to have up to a third of the apps currently available in the ITunes Store available via a flash site optimized for IPhone. ( I think the estimate of the apps at risk only being a third is quite conservative ) .. now having said that.. There are a few apps you can find that are available for a jailbroken device in cydia and rock that will enable flash movies to play, only the interactivity with the device is severely limited.  By restricting any data driven sites, apple voids any solution... rendering players only good for that.. playing movies.

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                                                  Cant agree more!




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                                                    azabednego Community Member

                                                    Why does Apple hate Flash so much?

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                                                      JSKOHUT Community Member

                                                      Apple claims it is 1) because Adobe is not a web standard and 2) because it has poor performance.

                                                      I suspect it is because people who develop with Adobe aren't using Apple's development tools and therefore little revenue stream for Apple. Others may disagree, but the fact of the matter is that Apple probably won't allow Flash onto their mobile  platforms (iPhone, iPad, etc...) until they find out it is affecting their sales (which it doesn't seem to be doing as of late). It is really a question of Open Platform vs. Closed Platform and Apple is a closed Platform (i.e. they get to decide what you get and what you don't).

                                                        To Adobe, I again hope that you will work with Open Platforms such as Nokia/Symbian etc... to get Adobe Flash 10.1 Web based player on as many Smartphones (even older ones) that you can. HTML5 is not completely mature, but I am using Bolt browser on Nokia E71 to watch HTML5 served Google videos.  While the HTML doesn't exactly run on my E71 (it runs on the Bolt Servers and Audio/Video are served up to the Bolt Browser on my phone), it still allows me to have a pretty decent Audio/Video experience on my slightly older phone. It would seem to me that Adobe should be partnering with Nokia, Symbian, and other Open platforms to get Flash 10.1 working on AS MANY Smartphones (older as well as newer) as possible, as quickly as possible. Nokia users have been with you for a long time with Flash Lite. I know you have introduced Flash 10.1 Beta for Symbian ^1 (Symbian S60 5th Edition) platforms, but this is not enough. You should push Nokia and others to port it back to AT LEAST S60 3rd Edition FP1 phones such as the Nokia E71. Failure to do so, will most likely cause those Smartphones users to look elsewhere for video/audio and it may be that they look to Apple iPad, iPhone, and/or other HTML5 devices. Once Adobe Flash becomes unavailable, it may be difficult to get those users back !