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    Best practices for Flash CS5 and Flash Builder 4 integration?

    Robert Reinhardt Level 2

      With Flash CS5's new XFL file structure/format, what's the best way to structure project files for Flash CS5 integration with Flash Builder 4? Flash CS5 autocreates a folder named after the xfl file as the outer container, and then all the assets/xfl within it. Should this folder be used as the project folder for Flash Builder 4, or better to nest the xfl container folder in a "real" project folder? I would presume the latter, since you might have multiple XFL files in one project. I was hoping to see some automatic linkages between document class of the Flash CS5 XFL file and any default ActionScript class created by Flash Builder, but so far I seem to need to specify a document class directly in Flash CS5's environment and making sure that the path to a default class created by Flash Builder is correct.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions...