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    I want to take a 2 page pdf and transform it into a 1 page pdf; to a page, say 22 inches long...

    dme.212 Level 1

      I have a 2 page pdf that consists of 2 letter, or 8.5x11 inch, pages;


      I want to print this to a page that's say twice as long as that what is now a 2 page document becomes a 1 page document.


      I've tried to set the page size in the Print Setup dialog where I've selected PostScript Custom Page Size, but this setting seems to do nothing.


      Where can I set the size of the page so that Acrobat Pro 9.2 uses that size to create a new page--When I say Create PDF From Blank Page I still get a letter size page.


      Any and all help is much appreciated!