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    Deploying swf with resources into a single sis on Nokia

    rajdeeprath Community Member

      Hi finally i have my first question on the mobile forum . I am trying to package a sis file which will contain the main swf and a settings text file.

      The problem is the i have to compile them to deliver both together on Nokia device for flash lite 2.1. There is not a single decent packager out there as o see that solves my issue.


      Generally i use Nokia carbide. Here is a glimpse of my PKG file:


      ; Add any installation notes if applicable
      ;"MobiStore.txt"          -"!:\private\E4B653CF\MobiStore.txt"
      ;required for application to be covered by backup/restore facility 
      "..\sis\backup_registration.xml"          -"!:\private\E4B653CF\backup_registration.xml"
      ;Add all the files needed by your flash app here. don't forget to set correct folder names!
      "..\data\MobiStore.swf" - "!:\private\E4B653CF\MobiStore.swf"
      "..\data\settings.txt" - "!:\private\E4B653CF\settings.txt"


      Now what happens is that after the application installs on a actual Nokia device It gives error "private\E4B653CF\settings.txt" Not found !!

      I confirm that the file is there manually but the swf cannot find it. In the swf i load the file "settings.txt" using loadvars.load method and providing just the file name "settings.txt",  no sub-folders or anything. So basicaly the file "MobiStore.swf" and "settings.txt" are in same folder but when i run the application it says:


      "private\E4B653CF\settings.txt" Not found !!


      I will really appreciate if some one can help me out with this. How to package a swf with resource files into sis and deploy on a real device.