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    Wrong output

      I have this PHP file called "activities.php"

      mysql_pconnect ("localhost", "root", "");
      mysql_select_db ("myDB");

      $qResult = mysql_query ("SELECT title FROM activities");
      $row = mysql_fetch_array($qResult);
      print "&title=".$row['title']."&";

      The output of this code is:
      &title=This is the title of the first row&

      In Flash MX I have the script:
      var loadedVarsFromPHP = new LoadVars ();
      loadedVarsFromPHP.load ("activities.php");
      loadedVarsFromPHP.onLoad = function(){
      trace (loadedVarsFromPHP.title);

      The output of the file is this:

      instead of: This is the title of the first row.

      Why is that? What is wrong here?