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    Encoding and compression in After Effects (Problems with some colors and some effects))

    giannis72str Level 1

      Hello dear friends,


      I would like to export an openning title video for a movie, which is about 2,45 seconds long and 22 GB (Uncompressed)

      The footage is 1920X1080.


      There are a lot of effects, such as, alpha chanel clips of smoke, explossions and stuff like this.

      When I export it into H264, or Mpeg2,4 or avi or H264(blu ray), I get a bad quality encoding in some parts:

      I get bad quality in the glow effect I have attached to the titles.

      I get bad quality in the clips of smoke (bad color) (tha alpha chanel of the smoke)


      Would you hapen to know why only in some parts I get bad quality and not not in the whole footage?

      Is it maybe because I chose to export the project only in RGB and not in RGB+Alpha, since my project contains alpha chanel data?


      Even if I export the project using Quicktime Animation codec (which is lossless), I get this bad quality (a little better than the previous encodings of course).


      I only get a nice encoding when I export the project with Zero compression, but 22GB for a 2 and a half minute clip, is too much...


      If somebody has any suggestions, I would be interested....


      Thank you!!

      Giannis - Greece.