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    FLVPlayback.complete coding help


      I am wanting to play a number of movie clips and flash produced video clips. On the main timeline I have a frame for each clip I want to play. In that frame is a flash movie that contains the video that I have embedded onto the timeline for the movie.


      The filesize for this project is massive and I am struggling to work on the file.


      I want to be able to play the video files with the playback component in each of the frames where the video was.


      From a previos post I have made I was told that I need to add a listener 'FLVPlayback.complete' to let flash know when the video in that particular frame has finished playing.


      Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Action Script coding at all and I am totally lost.


      I would like the code to tell flash that once the video file in that particular frame is complete then move onto the next frame in the parent timeline. I need something that will do this 'MovieClip(parent).nextFrame();'  but only when the video has finished playing.


      I'd be extremely grateful if somebody could tell me what I need codewise and how to set it up.


      Sorry to sound cheeky but I really am struggling with this.


      Many thanks