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    Linked Director movies not working on server


      Hi all,


      I created a game in Director, and I used multiple movies (for the different "levels" of the game) and then linked them together. When I play the game on my computer, the files "talk" to each other just fine and the game works; when I upload it to the server (and I did upload all the files), the linked movies don't work - I get an error that says "unable to open file".


      Here's the main/home screen of the game: http://mer539.aisites.com/imd232/double.html (despite the fact that it's called "double", that's not the "double" level).


      It's supposed to be a four-level game (single, double, triple, home run) plus the "how to" file. From that main screen, the "single" level works, because it is part of the same file as the home screen, but none of the other levels or the "how to play" link work


      Can anyone help?


      Thank you!