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        I just printed using Reader 9.3.2 with NO problem. My OS10.6.3 (Snow Leopard) Macbook Pro 2.16gHz, Brother MFC-7340 printer.


        1. Remove Reader (trash), download and reinstall. Be sure you have the right version for your Mac i.e, Intel or PowerPC.

        2. Be sure you have the latest printer drivers from your printer manufacturer.

        3. Repair permissions with Disk Utility or shareware Onyx.

        4. Safeboot (hold shift key down while restarting).

        5. Restart the normal way (without holding shift key).


        These routine maintenace actions may help.

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          Gary Mea

          I now have AR 9.3.1 For PCand am advised no further updates available.I have tried Foxit and it worked. Removed Foxit and AR and reinstalled AR. At this time all seems OK with AR which is printing well.

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            I had already tried most of the recomendations.  Just in case I dwonloaded the latest install for the Adobe Reader but still the same.


            As I said previously there is only a problem with more recent PDF's.  To be more specific I receive orders and enquiries as scans and documents converted to PDF's from some of the worlds major oil companies and it is ONLY those created within the last three weeks that have caused problems.  I would like to attach one but I am not allowed.


            My problem has been fixed by installing Foxit but now I have the problem that I cannot uninstall Adobe because some of the files are in use by the Windows system.


            I hate Windows 7

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              Validator Level 1

              Deleted by Validator

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                Thank you so much to those of you who suggested downloading the Foxit reader.  After wasting most of the day uninstalling, reinstalling, fixing this that and the other thing and not being able to print after upgrading to AR 9.3, in 10 minutes Foxit was installed and printed like a charm.


                I was trying to print a form from the IRS website.  I had done this many times before without a problem.  I knew there was nothing wrong with my printer, drivers, computer or anything else.


                Thanks again.

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                  R.P Singh

                  A permanent and definite fix for this issue, we can Re-create the Acrobat preferences files and this will definately resolve this issue.


                  For Mac:

                  1. Quit Acrobat.
                  2. Drag the following files from the Users/[Username]/Library/Preferences folder to the Desktop:
                    • Acrobat WebCapture Cookies
                    • Com.adobe.Acrobat.Pro_ppc_9.0.plist or com.adobe.Acrobat.Pro_x86_9.0.plist
                    • Acrobat Distiller Prefs and com.adobe.distiller8.plist (If you are troubleshooting an issue with Distiller.)
                    • The Acrobat folder, which contains preferences for forms (MRUFormsList), collaboration (OfflineDocs), and color settings (AcrobatColor Settings.csf)
                  3. Restart Acrobat.


                  For Windows:

                  1. Quit Acrobat.
                  2. In Windows Explorer, go to c:\Documents and Settings\ [User Name] \Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0 folder and move the Preferences folder to another location (for example, C:\Temp).
                  3. Launch Acrobat.
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                    Thanks for the detailed info.

                    I need one more bit of help.

                    The folders that you reference for Windows 7 are locked in my computer and I have not figured out how to unlock them.

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                      While reading several kb articles, I found none of them to be helpful.

                      Especially this one: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/403/kb403914.html


                      They make things way to complicated.


                      In our case, we noticed that Standard 9 was saving documents so that when the print option was select the default option selected for Comments and Forms was, "Documents and Markups."


                      Simply changing this setting to "Documents," as with all previous version of Adobe resolved our printing printing problems.


                      Hope this is helpful for all of banging your head against the wall like we were.


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                        Joe Night

                        Having tried a couple of the suggestions here (reinstalling, repairing and using foxit)

                        I was able to get around the problem by going to my "advanced" settings when I selected "print".

                        (Your printer driver may not have this option.)

                        Under this setting, I have the option to print as "image".

                        This works. Quality isn't thrilling, but in a pinch it may be adequate.

                        Please note that I also have to return to the print settings and turn this option off when I'm done printing. I don't want this as a default for quality reasons.

                        Good luck!

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                          Gary Mea Level 1



                          I only have XP on the PC and Vista on a laptop. Sorry can't assist with

                          windows 7



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                            Gary Mea Level 1


                            Mines OK now, just don't know what I did.



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                              Same problem with Vista not printing pdf.   installed Foxit Reader from foxitsoftware.com which open pdfs and prints without any prolbems.  Interesting Adobe are not saying anything about this problem.  Similar error reported http://forums.adobe.com/thread/642000?tstart=1

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                                Im very happy you goy iy together!. hope this alos me to donw load flas point 10.

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                                  I had this intensely annoying issue with saving AI files as PDF's.  Nothing would print from Acrobat!!!  After a few hours of trying everything... I FIXED IT w/o reinstalling anything! 


                                  It seems to be a font issue.  I went through and expanded every instance of every font to a vector object until it worked.  I eventually narrowed my particular issue to the font 'Didot'.


                                  THE SOLUTION (for illustrator CS4 to pdf):


                                  Remove, rasterize or expand all instances of every different font until it works...


                                  There may be a way of handling embedded fonts that is more elegant...



                                  My setup:


                                  Mac Pro 2006, OS X 10.5.8, CS4.  The font Didot was stored in "Library/Fonts/Didot.dfont"  - maybe it's the ".dfont" extension?






                                  • 54. Re: Document could not be printed



                                    This problem is typically caused to another piece of software being installed that has some kind of PDF functionality.  Internet Explorer starts looking for DLLs that it cannot find, and generates the error.  The best method for fixing this problem is to copy some of the Adobe Reader's DLLs into and Internet Explorer directory.  Below is what I use in a batch file to fix the problem with Adobe Reader 9 on Windows XP:


                                    REM HOT FIX FOR IE and adobe


                                    copy /y "%PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\ACE.dll" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Internet Explorer\ACE.dll"


                                    copy /y "%PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AGM.dll" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Internet Explorer\AGM.dll"


                                    copy /y "%PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\BIB.dll" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Internet Explorer\BIB.dll"


                                    copy /y "%PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\BIBUTILS.dll" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Internet Explorer\BIBUTILS.dll"


                                    copy /y "%PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\JP2KLIB.dll" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Internet Explorer\JP2KLIB.dll"



                                    The above may not display correctly in the forum, so note that each line of your batch file should start with copy and end with dll".


                                    Hope this helps you all.  It took much testing to get this figured out.  As I'm sure everyone has found, it is next to impossible to find the fix for this.  As a side note, we have tested this same solutions with other versions of Adobe Reader and Windows, so modify the above to suit you needs.


                                    Good luck!





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                                      Ben Frey Level 1

                                      I just started having this problem in 10.6.4 on a Mac Pro and CS5 Design Premium version of Acrobat Pro.


                                      My only solution appears to be "print using Apple Preview."


                                      Great marketing, guys. Really top-notch.


                                      Preview worked, though. It never occurred to me to use it as a PDF printer. Quality seems slightly worse, but what can you do? Slightly soft text and images are better than blank sheets of paper.

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                                        I tried all the solutions in this post and still NO JOY! What's next? When will Adobe

                                        be coming out with Adobe reader 10.0 to finally acknowledge and fix the problem?

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                                          Hello, I ran into the same issue with a client I was helping.

                                          Upon clicking print in Acrobat 9 pro, the print dialog goes away and I get two errors:


                                          The Document could not be printed.




                                          There were no pages selected to print.


                                          no errors in console were produced.


                                          The work arround I found was to select "advanced" in the print window and then check "Print As Image."  I found as long as that box was checked the trouble document could print.


                                          First I tried removing/reinstalling CS4, repairing premisisons, and reloading print drivers with no success. I also tried it on two seperate macs running differnet OS versions (10.5.8 and 10.6.4) as well as differend minor versions of Acrobat 9 pro (9.3.4 and 9.0.0.). The problem/solution were reproducable on both machines.


                                          I also found that Preview.app had no probem printing any of the trouble documents.


                                          Hope this Helps!

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                                            I cannot print ANY pdf document using Adobe Reader and I always get the two errors:

                                            "The document could not be printed."
                                            "There were no pages selected to print."


                                            Preview.app prints the documents just fine.

                                            I think it is silly, and interesting to observe that Adobe doesn't say anything about it.



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                                              R.P Singh Level 1

                                              can you provide the exact steps that you are following?

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                                                R.P Singh Level 1

                                                Ok, you will never be able to print pdfs using adobe reader, because adobe reader is just to read the pdfs, you need acrobat to print the pdfs, there will b no use of waiting for reader 10 even it will also not print, you can download acrobat trial (30 days) and then try printing pdfs.

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                                                  roozbehf Level 1

                                                  Seriously R.P.?! Are you an Adobe rep?


                                                  Then why Adobe website says otherwise for Adobe Reader 9?

                                                  "Adobe Reader software is the global standard for electronic document  sharing. It is the only PDF file viewer that can open and interact  with  all PDF documents. Use Adobe Reader to view, search, digitally sign,  verify, print, and collaborate on Adobe PDF        files."

                                                  - http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/


                                                  and why are there so many support pages on Adobe website about Problems Printing Documents from Adobe Reader?!


                                                  Why Adobe doesn't come clean and say you can't print from Reader?



                                                  - Printing Tips




                                                  - Printing Problems, Adobe Reader


                                                  • 62. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                    R.P Singh Level 1

                                                    Ok are you printing a microsoft document into pdf or you are taking physical printout from a printer?

                                                    • 63. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                      roozbehf Level 1

                                                      I am trying to print a PDF document on a physical printer.

                                                      As I mentioned, regardless of the PDF document I open, and printer I choose (inkjet or laserjet), it fails.


                                                      I can easily print using any other application. I can print the same PDF document using Mac OS's Preview.

                                                      • 64. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                        R.P Singh Level 1

                                                        try printing with acrobat trial

                                                        • 65. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                          Gary Mea Level 1

                                                            Hi all


                                                          No probs at all now for some while.

                                                          • 66. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                            DrPhilH Level 1

                                                            What next? I attempted to print from Adobe Acrobat Standard edition. I tried with Foxit, PDF Complete. Again, NO JOY! I think what is going on here is that when Acrobat creates the file, it's corrupt and the reason that Adobe doesn't want to admit to the problem is it will set up a MAJOR public relations problem and confidence problem in their product. So rather than do the right thing, Adobe chooses to ignore the problem, and either fix it behind the scene and have a lot of pissed off people, or they just have no clue.


                                                            Time to step up to the plate and approach the problem head on and fix it!

                                                            • 67. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                              Ben Frey Level 1

                                                              R.P Singh wrote:


                                                              try printing with acrobat trial

                                                              You must be a troll, right?


                                                              You can't be serious.


                                                              Read this thread. People with Acrobat Reader AND people with Acrobat Professional have this problem.


                                                              People with Mac OS and Win XP and Win Vista and Win7 have this problem.


                                                              People with Acrobat 8 and Acrobat 9.


                                                              People with nose rings and people with bleached hair.


                                                              Those on OS X can print the same documents without issue from the built-in free OS X "Preview" application on the same machine that cannot print them from Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.3


                                                              So printing with an Acrobat trial version won't change that.


                                                              Adobe has a problem here. It's probably font related somehow, because printing "as an image" works, but of course that rasterizes all of the type, making it a poor solution, especially for professionals with clients that have expectations of quality work.


                                                              It's sad and embarrassing that a college kid with an old MacBook could come into my office and print a PDF with Preview I created on my brand new Mac Pro but that I cannot print using Acrobat Professional.


                                                              I did not pay over 2,000 dollars for software that can't even print it's own native file format. Well, actually, I did.


                                                              But I won't make that mistake ever again.

                                                              • 68. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                                roozbehf Level 1



                                                                On my machine, this happens even when I check the "Print as image" check box.


                                                                Here I put a summary of the problem for people who don't have the time to read all the posts.


                                                                In Summary:


                                                                On Mac OS X, having Adobe Reader 9.3, when I try to print a PDF document on a printer I get the following errors:


                                                                "The document could not be printed."

                                                                and then,

                                                                "There were no pages selected to print."


                                                                This happens,

                                                                • with ANY pdf document that I open, whether they are created with Adobe products or other applications;
                                                                • with any selection of pages (all, current page, or a range of pages);
                                                                • regardless of having the "Print as image" checkbox checked or unchecked;
                                                                • on different printers (inkjet or laserjet, Lexmark and Epson);
                                                                • on older versions of Adobe Reader 9 as well (I haven't tried it on Adobe Reader 8.x);


                                                                The same documents can be printed using the Preview application on Mac OS X.


                                                                Different people experience a subset of this problem, but the fact that I cannot print regardless of the document, the print as image option, the printer type or the page selection tells me that the problem is not related to these. This is a nasty bug and may have something to do with some Adobe settings being messed up. Since there is practically no way to completely uninstall Adobe on a Mac (Thank You Adobe for being so careless) I cannot tell whether a clean install would solve this issue. I tried removing every footprint of Adobe from my machine two times (from system files, property lists, etc) and installing the reader again, but the problem still exists.


                                                                I hope this helps. Does anyone from Adobe care about this?

                                                                • 69. Re: Document could not be printed

                                                                  Question to you all. Did you try registering your Adobe product?


                                                                  Remember that little message that appeared after you first ran the Reader after install, telling you to Regsiter your Adobe software. Well if you kept clicking the remind me later then you will notice that some features will stop working until you register.


                                                                  I was havng this same error today with Adobe Acrobat Pro, till I remember that small quirk that would occur whenever I don't register Adobe products.

                                                                  • 70. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                                    DrPhilH Level 1

                                                                    Nope, make sure the product is registered didn't make a difference. Nice try by Adobe to make sure there is no bootleg users out there

                                                                    • 71. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                                      Gary Mea Level 1



                                                                      Have not registered Adobe Reader, it all works now.

                                                                      • 72. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                                        roozbehf Level 1

                                                                        I might have just found the source of the problem. Read this:



                                                                        It says:

                                                                        We have been running all our Macs for years with a case sensitive file system which is one of the options on the Mac OS X installer. All our applications work fine except Adobe Reader. I have asked and complained to Adobe for a year or two. Whenever we try to print it just says that "Adobe Reader cannot print this document". We would use Preview but we use forms and digital signatures that Preview can't handle. We end up having to copy all our PDF files to a Windows system to print. This is pathetic, especially from Adobe.


                                                                        I have a case-sensitive file system. Can all of you who have this printing problem confirm if they have a case-sensitive file system as well?



                                                                        • 73. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                                          Ben Frey Level 1

                                                                          Unfortunately, that's not going to be it for me, because I do not have "case sensitive" formatting on any of my drives.




                                                                          Good thought, though.

                                                                          • 74. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                                            tcfiles1 Level 1

                                                                            Another possible Solution...Windows 7 people.


                                                                            I just had this error pop-up on my PC and my IT (who is genious) was able to quickly fix error by restarting the Print Spooler. Instantanious fix.

                                                                            Didn't have to download anything didn't have to restart anything (except the spooler).


                                                                            I guess this is a common issue with Windows 7.

                                                                            • 75. Re: Document could not be printed
                                                                              DrPhilH Level 1
                                                                              The print spooler issue is a whole other can of worms. That was a Win7 issue in general. I figured out the fix on that myself. Nothing to do with the Adobe problem
                                                                              • 76. Re: Document could not be printed

                                                                                I have just hit this problem printing tickets purchased from Eurostar.

                                                                                If you accept the option to print your tickets at home Eurostar deliver them as a PDF.

                                                                                When I try to print them on my Mac (Snow Leopard, Acrobat Pro 9.4.0), I receive the same two error messages reported above

                                                                                "The document could not be printed."


                                                                                "There were no pages selected to print."

                                                                                followed by

                                                                                "A drawing error occured"


                                                                                These tickets print fine with Preview, and I can print other PDF files with Acrobat OK.

                                                                                These tickets also print fine with Acrobat Reader 9 on Windows 7.


                                                                                It looks as though there is some problem with the Eurostar-generated PDFs.

                                                                                Possibly an error in the generated PDF which Preview and the Windows version of Acrobat Reader tolerate, but which Acrobat Pro on the Mac can't handle.


                                                                                How can I determine whether this is a bug in Acrobat Pro (Mac version) or whether the Eurostar-generated PDF is in error?

                                                                                The document properties show

                                                                                PDF producer: iText 2.0.7 by Iowagie.com

                                                                                Application: JasperReports


                                                                                Message was edited by: digamma, to correct a typo

                                                                                • 77. Re: Document could not be printed

                                                                                  I am having the exact same issue.  "Document could not be printed", then the error "There were

                                                                                  no pages selected to print."


                                                                                  I selected 9 pages to print, but none of them will print.  This is from a PDF I created/exported myself from a Visio 2006 document.


                                                                                  Interesting... since the only reason I buy Acrobat Pro is so I can PRINT.  :\

                                                                                  • 78. Re: Document could not be printed



                                                                                    I have been reading the thread here and I have these same problems since July. We got an update to our loan origination system which included the 9.3.3 reader.  Ever since that update nothing has been right.  I have deleted and reinstalled everything from 8.2 to 9.4.  We have installed memory and checked the drivers on our printer.  Nothing seems to help.  When I try to print, I get a blank page.  Other people get the error messages. I don't know what else to do.  Any one have any ideas? 





                                                                                    • 79. Re: Document could not be printed

                                                                                      One possible workaround: Print the pdf to xps using a Microsoft Document XPS printer, then open the xps file with IE and print it from there. This worked for me.