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    swf NOT running on ie of winCE6.0R3 even after sysgen_ieflashlite is included


      Hii all,
      I am working on VB 2005 and has winCE6.0 R3 installed.Working on platform
      builder with ARM and internet appliance.
      I just want to run swf file (built in marcromedia flash 8) having one image,
      on ie of winCE 6.0 R3.
      I have included sysgen_ieflashlite from catalog items.
      i included the swf and image in project.bib of my workspace.
      1.swf $(_flatreleasedirectory)\1.swf NK
      1.jpg $(_flatreleasedirectory)\1.jpg NK


      i get these in ce.bib and in console i can see sysgen_ieflashlite=1 after


      But after downloading the emulator i open swf file from \windows directory
      on ie ,i can only see a cross mark at the top left corner of ie.
      Kindly tell me do i need to install any flashlite 3.X to run this on
      winCE.Or where am i wrong in the above enitre process.
      Thanks in advance.... Need help!!!