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    Disassembling documents:

    kc_chaitu Level 2


        I'm trying to disassemble documents. My Assembler input is a map document with ddx:

      <PDFsFromBookmarks prefix="stmt">
           <PDF source="doc1.pdf"/>
      What should be the output give for this service in Assembler process? I tried to give the output a variable
      of type Assemblerresult. (error: Cannot create a map entry without a key specified)
      What should be the key entry we need to provide? I also tried using a variable of type map in the output
      parameter with subtype AssemblerResult. Still I see the same output. I think I'm missing something in doing 
      this for the output parameter. 
      Please help. I was struggling all the weekend trying different combinations for the output. Unfortunately, 
      i could not find any sample that shows disassembling documents.