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    Dreamweaver CS5 doesn't open on Mac OS X

    David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

      This problem has now been fixed by the Dreamweaver 11.0.2 updater. If you are still having problems, contact Adobe technical support.



      Dreamweaver will not work on a user account that has File Vault enabled. This is a known restriction. To quote the Mac documentation:

      Because your home folder is encrypted, some tasks that normally access your home folder may be prevent

      Thanks to Jim Bloom for providing the basic information for the following solution:


      1. In Finder, navigate to <your username>:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Dreamweaver CS5.
      2. With the Dreamweaver CS5 folder selected, choose File > Get Info (Cmd+I).
      3. If necessary, expand Sharing and Permissions.
      4. Click the lock icon at the bottom right of the panel to make changes. Enter your Mac password when prompted.
      5. Click the plus button at the bottom left of the panel, select your name in the dialog box that opens, and click Select.
      6. Change the privilege for your name to Read & Write.
      7. Click the lock icon to lock the Sharing and Permissions section.