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    CS5 Errors: QuickTime not installed

    mograph_bc Level 1

      MacBook Pro 4GB RAM, 2.53 Ghz Core2


      I've installed CS5 on my Mac Pro desktop without any issues, however my laptop is another story. When After Effects launches it complains that it cannot write the Workspaces.xml file. Repairing permissions did not resolve the issue. I used the Uninstaller with the delete preferences option checked and reinstalled but no joy. Tried this twice without success.


      If I dismiss the error message After Effects complains that QuickTime is not installed, it is installed QT Pro 7x and then reports that an output module is missing. Half the time it then crashes (have submitted crash report) the other half of the time it launches and will import QuickTime but no output modules of any kind are available. The Render Que is blank with no controls to create an output module.


      I've filed a tech support report but no one will answer until Monday at the earliest. I'm posting here in hope that the solution is simple.

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