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    Building my 64bit Computer

    John T Smith Legend

      No benchmarks yet, but what I am doing is at http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ASUSP6.TXT

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          Harm Millaard Mythic

          Looks like a nice system, John. Thanks for reporting. If you have any questions that I may be able to help you with, you know where to find me.


          Maybe you can fill me in on one thing: What is your deterrent / abhorrance with overclocking?

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            John T Smith Legend

            I am more interested in the long term stability of a "stock" system rather than trying to eke out the last bit of performance by overclocking


            Just personal preference (and I still haven't found a utility to report on MB temp... the Asus driver CD does have a "probe" program, but it does not show the Cpu/Mb temp) - another time, I'll do some more searching to try and find one for Win7


            Right now, I'm still installing software, as I need to do something and the program isn't installed


            The place I'm going to buy CS5 now has a listing for Master Collection... but no Add to Cart button since they say the Education version they will sell won't ship until "mid-May" - I'll just have to wait awhile before placing my order

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              Bill Gehrke Rockstar

              Try CPUID HWMonitor.  It will give you much more than you want.

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                John T Smith Legend

                Thanks... have downloaded and will install after I finish a few things


                Canon Vixia HF S100 is due tomorrow, so now I am not very patiently waiting for the online store I use to get CS5 ready to sell


                Oh well... I can always do some filming to be ready



                D/L'd http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php and my temps are (nothing going on, since I don't have CS5)


                CPU 4 cores... 93-91-95-86 F

                GPU 105 F

                320 drives 86 - 89

                Guess the Terabyte drive doesn't report temp

                Ambient temp in my office is about 70 F

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                  John T Smith Legend

                  Restarted to go into WinXp to test P6.5 and DV500 card, and visited the Bios on the way... hardware monitor gives one CPU temp of 96F - sort of an average of the details of the other program


                  Anyway... on to video digitizing


                  Previous computer had Win2k and P6.02 to run the DV500... with an ATI graphics adapter... and I could watch the video in the monitor as it played into the computer from the tape deck


                  This computer with WinXpSp1a and P6.5... and GTX 285 card... does NOT show the video in the monitor... but it DOES digitize to the hard drive


                  I tried updating the 285 to the latest XP driver (downloaded last week) and that was a DISASTER since it would not install everything (due to version of XP, I guess?) and I had to go back to the version supplied on the CD


                  I then installed DirectX 9 (a note on the CD installer mentioned "legacy" software) and the only change in the monitor was a bunch of "garbage" flashed up and stayed, instead of a completely blank screen


                  When I have more time I'm going to play around with the 285's settings, such as hardware acceleration, to see if that helps


                  But, since my new AVCHD camera file transfer will be via USB card reader, and that over in Win7 anyway, I'm not goint to spend a lot of time trying to get the capture screen to display anything... I have the DV500 installed 'cause I have a few old VHS tapes I still need to convert to DVD, and I can just start those and make note of the run time and come back when the tape is finished

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                    Harm Millaard Mythic



                    Maybe this is worth looking over:


                    Adobe Forums: My favorite tools

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                      John T Smith Legend

                      I have some of those tools, including Scenalyzer: http://www.scenalyzer.com/main.html for capturing SD material


                      I found that Scenalyzer did not work very well with the DV500, since every time a "sorta-bad" spot on an old tape was played, Scenalyzer would stop dead


                      Premiere 6x and the DV500 software would keep right on capturing


                      I will play with the GTX 285 control panel tonight to see if changing any settings will allow me to see what is being played into the computer... but I'm really not going to worry a lot about this... the tapes DO digitize and save, so just noting start & stop times and making sure I am near while digitizing a tape is not that big a thing for me to do


                      I may Google for nVidia and Premiere 6 and see if I find notes on a particular driver version that works better... but I'm going to be spending time with CS5 and AVCHD in the future, so the old stuff is just not that important

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                        John T Smith Legend

                        Changing hardware accelleration in the nVidia driver did not help


                        When I have time I may Google... but since the DV500 and P6.5 were made LONG before the GTX 285 card, it may just be that there is a basic incompatibility that I won't be able to work around


                        Oh well... the card works and the tapes are digitised... so I'll just set a timer for the length of the tape