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    Powerful SMS Server?

    Abdlah Level 1

      Hello, I am wondering is Coldfusion 9 is a good product for developing an election tracking system, where results from over 22000 polling stations are send in via SMS.


      Since I have not found any information on who much information the SMS gateway can process per minute/ per second, I a not able to decide whether is would be able to handle the job.


      Any insights would be much appreciated.

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          ilssac Level 5

          Abdlah wrote:

          Since I have not found any information on who much information the SMS gateway can process per minute/ per second


          That would most probably be because those numbers would depend greatly on the hardware you install CF on and how you write your CFML SMS application.  I am sure a ColdFusion application could be created that would handle that load.  I can't tell you how much hardware|licenses it would take as that would require an applciation to load test against to find out.

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            tooMuchTrouble Level 3

            we've crushed SMS aggregators sending from 1 cf7 server (using the asynch

            gateway). cf9 is even more ruthless if your network is up to it & your cf &

            db servers are beefy enough, you should be able to handle 22k SMS but consider

            the followng:


            besides h/w & network latency, throughput is going to depend on your app's logic

            (processing, synch vs asynch, etc.) & more importantly on the SMS provider--even

            some of the more reliable/costly ones still need 400-500ms per SMS.


            so i would worry more about the SMS provider especially if you go for one of the

            cheaper ones. besides the obvious issues w/the low cost ones, note that

            currently cf only does transceiver binding which some of the really cheap ones

            won't support.




            btw this wouldn't happen to be in ghana? i seem to recall something about SMS &

            elections 1-2 years ago on these forums.

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              Abdlah Level 1

              Hei Paul,

              You are right, this is me, the guy you were nice enough to help, though we

              were able to resolve the problem.


              Yes, we are now interested in perfecting the system for coming elections.


              We managed to learn some interesting stuff during our first attempt. We

              were able to process 22K sms within an hour with a NOWSMS server

              doing 200 messages/minute.


              The SMS provider, Routotelecom were great.


              Your comments would be helpful thanks.