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    Converting - Please wait

      I have Studio 8, and I've found that I need to convert a Powerpoint file to flash - Found that I have FlashPaper 2 after a search on the web - that "JOY" does just this.

      However - every PPT file I try to use - I just get "Converting - Please Wait" - and I wait, and wait and wait......over 20 minutes so far and I'm thinking - there must be something wrong.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really hate to go and buy another program to do this if I've already bought one!

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          arisphoto Level 1
          I got my problem fixed by calling support. Apparently it's a problem with the print drivers. Here is the email that they sent that helped me:

          You reported that you are having issue with Flash Paper.

          To test if this is specific to a file or application, do the following

          -Try a simple test with a blank new document.
          -Test all possible methods of converting files:

          Right-click on the file and choose 'convert to .SWF' or 'convert
          to .PDF'
          Open FlashPaper and the drag the document inside the window
          Choose File > Print and select FlashPaper as the printer
          Use the FlashPaper menu or Toolbar in Microsoft Office

          This error may occur when the FlashPaper printer is missing, or if
          there was an issue with the FlashPaper installation.
          In order to resolve this issue, download and run the patch installer
          from this TechNote:

          Flash Paper Printer:

          If you are still encountering trouble, please follow the instructions
          in this TechNote to reinstall the printer driver:


          If you have reinstalled FlashPaper 2 and the patch, please proceed with
          verifying the information regarding the printer driver:

          -Verify if the printer name is correct (incorrect name causes the

          1. Go to Control Panel > Printer and Faxes
          2. Look for the FlashPaper printer
          3. Check the name - it should be 'Macromedia FlashPaper' (note:
          there is a space between Macromedia and FlashPaper)

          Verify the printer properties:

          -Right-click on the Macromedia FlashPaper printer driver and
          choose Properties:
          -Under the 'Ports' tab, make sure the port is checked and set to
          -Under the 'Advanced' tab, make sure the 'Driver' is set to
          'FlashPaper2 Driver'
          -If all fails, add the printer manually and use the settings