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    Import XML data at load of PDF form

    NL Erik G Level 1

      Not sure that this is the correct forum, but it looks like a good place to start.....


      This is my question:


      At this moment we use an MS Excel file that runs a macro at startup that imports fielddata from an external xml-file. So, a user that opens the Excelfile will not have to fill in customer-data that is supplied by the xml-file. It is automaticly filled. For example Customer name, address, postcode etc.


      Now, we have created a simular form in Adobe Livecycle, but we cannot get the xml-data to be imported just like the Excelfile does.

      Is it possible, and how is it done, to open a pdf-form, import data from an external xml-file, all without user interaction?


      Hope that my question is clear. Please advise