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    ProRes footage not displaying properly in AE CS5 at 8bpc


      Just installed AE CS5 and am frustrated to find that Apple ProRes 422 footage (all flavors: HQ, SQ, LT, 4x) does not display properly when the project is in 8bpc mode.


      In 8bpc mode:



      Same frame, in 16bpc mode:




      This behavior does not occur with Uncompressed 10-bit Quicktimes. Only ProRes.


      Obviously now that CS5 is 64-bit aware, switching to 16bpc mode isnt as much of a problem as it was in previous versions, but I often like to work in 8bpc mode for speed/performance reasons, so its a bummer that I cant do this with ProRes sources.


      Is there a workaround for this (other than working in 16bpc all the time, of course)?