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    Cineform Playback in CS5


      Anyone have any ideas how to get Cineform avi files to playback in Premiere Pro CS5?


      BTW, I love the Mercury Playback engine. My 5dMk II filed run beautifully in it. If this thing had existed when I edited my first documentary, I wouldn't be trying to figure out how to get those Cineform files to playback in that timeline now.


      I would've upgraded to CS5 just for it and then there's lots of other cool things in Production Premium. Can't wait to turn photos into paintings with the new brushes in Illustrator and Photoshop.



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          metalsaber Level 1

          Are you having trouble playing them back?  I have no issues playing back my Cineform files.  Just drag them into your project and timeline.

          If you are talking about the Cineform presets, then you have to wait till them update them due to the 64bit conversion.

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            Moose4075 Level 1

            I have a project I edited in CS4 that consists mainly of Cineform files. The After Effects compositions that are part of it playback fine, but Premiere Pro freezes when it gets to the Cineform AVIs.

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              jabloomf1230 Level 1

              I'm having no problems with Cineform files in either PPro or AE CS5 under Windows 7 x64, with the most recent version of Prospect HD. Of course, there are no presets in Premiere and Adobe Media Encoder will only use the VFW (not DirectShow) version of the CFHD codec for export.


              There is a free beta of the CS5 compatible Cineform software out as a free trial (NEO 3D Version 5) and the remaining betas will be out soon, according to the Cineform message board.

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                Moose4075 Level 1

                I haven't done any conversion with the files since rendering them in Cineform last summer. I'm assuming that I need to transcode to a slightly different format, and your message reinforces that opinion. Now I just need to find the specifics.


                I'm fairly new to video and all the codecs etc are confusing. Stills are much simpler in this regard. I'm in the market for a dedicated camcorder to supplement my 5dMkII and the codec situation certainly adds to the confusion. Want to be sure what sort of market there will be with the video I produce when I get the camera.

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                  jabloomf1230 Level 1

                  Since you're mixing cameras, Cineform is always a good option, I doubt that you will find anybody who does video, who isn't bewildered by the number and types of video codecs. In a perfect world, everyone would use uncompressed video. And as the desktop workstations have gotten faster and faster, and storage has become cheaper and cheaper, one would think that an uncompressed video workflow would be possible. Unfortunately we've also gone to more and more resolution and on top of that, people are starting to work in 3D.


                  So video compression is here to stay, at least for the moment. You didn't say whether you are doing pro type work or not, but the 5d2 does great video, within its limitations. I'll let others here give you ideas of a companion camcorder on the high end, but the present prosumer model that complements the 5d2 nicely is the Panasonic TM700. It will do  MPEG AVC/H.264 at up to 1920 x 1080p (60 fps). It's gotten very good reviews and at a street price of around $850US, it looks like a bargain. Of course if you are thinking of a camcorder in the $3-6K US range, the TM700 is not going to compete. But at its present price point, it leaves you a lot of latitude for you to buy more lenses and goodies for your 5d2.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    I doubt that you will find anybody who does video, who isn't bewildered by the number and types of video codecs.


                    Very well stated. I only wish that more editors heeded your comments. It is common to see people trying to ingest PAL, NTSC, SD Widescreen, HD Widescreen, SD Standard, HD from a dozen different cameras from pro to Flip, and in every possible format, and they wonder why they cannot just throw it into a "blender" and output an award-winning BD. Oh, and don't forget the FLV's ripped from YouTube, plus the DVD from Aunt Jen's wedding...


                    Thanks for taking up the standard.


                    Good luck,



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                      Moose4075 Level 1

                      Here, here for uncompressed video, or formats like Red's R3D which technically is compressed but...


                      Anyhow, on my original topic anyone have an idea why Premiere Pro CS5 isn't playing the Cineform files for me? Could there be a connection to the installation problem I'm having where apparently Adobe Air, Adobe Help, and Adobe Media Player have not installed?

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                        shooternz Level 6

                        Count your self lucky that Adobe Air did not install.

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                          Moose4075 Level 1

                          I am still not getting my Cineform files to playback. My installer problems state that Adobe Media Player has not been installed, any possible connection?

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                            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Did you install the new beta version for CS5?

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                              Moose4075 Level 1

                              Working on that now, hopefully that is the problem. I am waiting on activation codes, etc. from Cineform currently. As I understand it the real issue is getting a 64bit version of the codec installed in the OS folder for codecs? I was unaware that such things mattered for codecs.

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                                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Cineform just released the new NeoScene.

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                                  jabloomf1230 Level 1

                                  Some people have reported that they are getting better performance with CFHD files and CS5, by creating their own preset, based on the generic Desktop setting, rather than using the Cineform presets:



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                                    Cineform playback in PP CS5 crashes every time without fail. Had Cineform folks looking at the issue on my PC and said it was an issue with PP - backend.dll. Logged the issue with Adobe some time back. Haven't heard anything back.


                                    It's getting a real pain to render small chunks at a time (every few frames) just to get a render - it's totally unworkable and unacceptable.


                                    I'd recommend every not to put Cineform and CS5 together until this issue is resolved.


                                    I noticed that the status  of the question - is "prossibly answered" - I don't think so!

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                                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      Sorry the hear about your troubles.

                                      Cineform runs like a charm for me.

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                                        scarolan_CS4 Level 1

                                        Really Ann?

                                        Your using clips that have been converted using Neo Scene? and you are playing them back in a Cineform sequence inside of PP - windows 7 64bit? - I don't mean final render - I just mean a render of the time line (i.e. not scrubbing the timeline ) .

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                                          jabloomf1230 Level 1

                                          Either you've uncovered a Cineform and/or PPro 5 bug specific to your system or there is something wrong with the system, either with the hardware or OS. Cineform works fine with PPro 5 and there have been very few complaints on the Cineform message board regarding that combination. If you haven't done it already, you should submit a support ticket with Cineform.

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                                            scarolan_CS4 Level 1

                                            Hi Jabloomf1230,


                                            There actually have been reports of Cineform not working with CS5 - thats from Cineform. They've aleady looked at the issue and thing it's an issue with Adobe. I've also opened a ticket with Adobe - but haven't heard anything back.


                                            There details of the issue can by found in another Adobe forum:




                                            It does seem to be a Adobe problem and not limited to Cineform from what I can see.


                                            To sum up.

                                            - I have already logged a support ticket with Adobe.

                                            - Cineform support - who were amazing by the way - already check the problem on my PC.


                                            I would be great if Adobe could confirm one way or another if this is a known problem and it's being worked on. I've seen lots of forum posts with similar issues - and it happens to me every time without fail, which as you can imagine is very frustrating.

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                                              Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                                              Hi scarolan,


                                              Thanks for submitting that bug report.  As a receipt, the tracking number is #2618769 in our database.  It turns out this bug is a combination of both Adobe and third-party (in this case Cineform) code.  We'll be working on a general fix on the Adobe side, but Cineform will also want to make some adjustments in their code.  I'll contact Cineform and give them some direction on what they can do to solve this bug on their side.


                                              This particular bug is triggered by audio rendering when generating preview files.  So general playback by itself shouldn't be affected by this bug.





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                                                scarolan_CS4 Level 1

                                                Hey Zac!


                                                Thanks very much for the update - appreciate it.

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                                                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                  Just checking in:

                                                  Has installing the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update and the newset updates from Cineform fixed this for you?

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                                                    Moose4075 Level 1

                                                    Installing new Cineform players fixed yet. Loving Premiere Pro CS5 now, Mercury playback engine makes my workflow easier.

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                                                      scarolan_CS4 Level 1

                                                      Everything works much better now- thanks for checking in!

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                                                        TheGrandNabib Level 1

                                                        Ok, I am now in CS5, the most updated possible version, fully licensed, and even though I just updarted the Cineform and Neoscene players/codecs, Premiere CS5 is still not playing my Cineform files nicely. They are chunky and sliced-up looking... the audio seems fine, but the video is an unusable mess. To add insult to injury, I can't import MTS files either, despite the fact that it should use them natively with no trouble.


                                                        Does anyone have any information on how to remedy either or both of these situations, preferably without re-installing everything?


                                                        And if I DO have to run the CS Cleaner Tool, is there a script or an app that will back up all my relevant preference and plug-in files before I clean it and reinstall, and then replace them where they need to go afterwards?





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                                                          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                                                          Hi Matt,


                                                          Have you tried the Cineform forums?  Your issue is different than the other ones described in this thread, which have been fixed in current versions of Cineform plug-ins.


                                                          If you are using NeoScene, I believe they provide their own codecs, and importer plug-ins for Premiere Pro.  But I don't believe NeoScene comes with a player plug-in for Premiere Pro, which is what this thread was about.  Since all the file handling and decoding is handled in Cineform code, it makes sense to start with their support forums first.





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                                                            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                            I think something else is going on because TS cannot import mts files.

                                                            NeoScene now comes with its own player which you can select in the Preferences under Player Settings.

                                                            I have no trouble playing CF files in 5.5.