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    DPX Import in CS5


      Hi all,


      I just wanted to try the new Roto Brush in a shot I'm currently working on. The material I'm working on are 10-bit DPX-Image Sequences. Never had any problems with CS4 working with DPX-files. I never used any color management at all.


      But when I try to import the DPX-Sequence into CS5, the picture looks just wrong. Way too much saturation and brightness. I tried to mess around with the color-profiles and color-management, but was not able to get the correct look. One strange thing I noticed is that the look of the dpx-file in CS5 is exactly the same look that I get in the finder when hitting preview (spacebar) on the file.


      I'm far away of being an expert in color profiles/management so I guess I need someone pointing me in the right direction. 

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          theiceage13 Level 1

          Here are two screenshots...the first one made in CS4 - the second one made in CS5



          Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-06 um 12.40.01.png




          Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-06 um 12.39.53.png

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Assign a proper color profile to your footage in the footage interpretation.



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              theiceage13 Level 1



              that's what I did. I tried them ALL. No profile gives me the correct look.


              I didn't have to work with color management and profiles in CS4...why should I work with them in CS5? Is there a reason?



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                Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                Can you post a sample that I could experiment with?  Support for multi-channel DPX was added in After Effects CS5, but otherwise very little changed for DPX files so I wouldn't expect a difference between CS4 and CS5.


                How were the DPX files generated?


                If you look at the Interpret Footage settings, including the Cineon Settings dialog, is there any difference between what you have in CS4 and CS5?


                Is color management turned on in the project?

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                  theiceage13 Level 1

                  Hi Tim,


                  the DPX files are coming from a post-facility using Autodesk Lustre.


                  I made a ZIP-Archive, containing one of the DPX-Frames and two reference images. One showing my picture in CS4 and the other one in CS5.


                  Here's the ZIP: http://www.mediafire.com/?v3gfdwyi2hm


                  Like I wrote before - I tried all color profile combinations...but no success. I also tried different working  color spaces...no success.


                  Maybe try to play around with the DPX file on your own.


                  Thanks! Cheers!

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                    Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                    I get the exact same results with that DPX file in both CS4 and CS5 on 10.6.3.


                    Do you see this problem in the footage window or in the comp window?  If in the comp window, what else is going on in your comp?


                    Have you changed *any* settings in the Interpret Footage dialog?


                    Have you enabled color management for the project?


                    Are you using the same project in CS4 and CS5?  If you import this file into a new project in both versions (which is what I'm doing) do you see the problem?  In either case, please post project files that I can look at.

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                      Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                      Also, you don't have the Exposure value at the bottom of the Footage or Comp viewer turned up, do you?  The screenshot you sent makes it look almost exactly like you have that turned up by about a stop.

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                        theiceage13 Level 1



                        I just opened the DPX file in AE CS4, saved the project and then opened this project in CS5. Now I have the correct look within CS5. But when importing the file directly into CS5, I get the wrong look. It's wrong in the comp windows, wrong in the footage window, I didn't adjust the exposure and so forth.


                        One other strange thing: When I import the dpx-file again into the project that I created in CS4 - my newly imported file looks correct in CS5. The wrong look only happens when importing into CS5 from scratch.


                        Any ideas?

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                          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee



                          Can you post a project file that you have created with CS5 that shows the problem?


                          My next thought is to reset the preferences.  Quit After Effects CS5, go to User\username\Library\Preferences\Adobe\After Effects, then drag the 10.0 folder out to the desktop or another safe location.  (Don't trash it yet.)  Restart CS5, import the DPX.


                          Also, have you made any changes to the Interpretation Rules file?  Have you installed any third party utilties, like drivers for Matrox, AJA, etc.?  Sometimes they change the interp rules.

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                            theiceage13 Level 1

                            Hi Tim,


                            I tried the moving-preferences-way - but no success. The problem stays the same. I uploaded the CS5-Project here for you:




                            I'm using an AJA Kona LHe Card - but just installed the drivers - not the CS-Tools that you can download on the AJA-Website. Also I didn't make any changes to interpret rules file. The problem occured just after a fresh install of the CS5-Trial.


                            This is really a big problem for me, because I'm working most of the time with DPX-files and I won't be able to upgrade to CS5 with this problem.


                            Thanks again for your effort.

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                              Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                              Sorry for the delay.  Most (but not all) of what I'll suggest here is covered by our PM's, but for the sake of the reading public...


                              The project file you posted doesn't reproduce the problem for me.  But the DPX file doesn't display.  I get an error instead:

                              After Effects error: internal  verification failure, sorry! {Old Cineon settings should have been  converted to new ones before getting here.}


                              After talking with the engineers about this problem, we think that you possibly have a corrupted install.  The DPX interpreter doesn't seem to be functioning correctly.  Can you try reinstalling After Effects CS5, or at the very least try installing it on a different machine to see if the problem reproduces there?


                              One of the components we think may be corrupted are the color profiles.  Try going to Library\Application Support\Adobe\Color\ (on root of the drive, not the one in your user folder), and poke around in the Profiles and MPProfiles folders.  Everything look OK in here?  Try pulling the contents out, starting After Effects CS5 and seeing if this changes the problem behavior.

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                                theiceage13 Level 1



                                I tried to download a trial for our second workstation all day long yesterday...but there was a server-problem the whole wednesday. I just tried again and now it seems to work. I will be in office this afternoon and will install a new CS5 version on the second workstation. Hope this will solve the confusion.


                                I will also take a look into the color profiles.



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                                  theiceage13 Level 1



                                  I just installed the trial on a second workstation and I had no problem with the DPX files. Everything looks fine! One other thing I noticed: on the first workstation (the one that gave me the wrong look) asked me for alpha-channel interpretation whereas the second workstation didn't.


                                  I also I tried messing around with the color profiles - but it didn't help.


                                  I just deleted my CS5 installation on the first workstation and installed a new trial - but the problem stays the same.

                                  So maybe a clean install of my system is the only solution?

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                                    Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                                    Are the configurations between the two machines the same?  Same version of Mac OS, same language?


                                    What plug-ins, hardware, and codecs do you have installed on the problem machine?


                                    I wouldn't expect that you should have to clean the system in order to get a good install.  But you might want to try the reinstall a second time, making sure to clean up any bits AE leaves behind.  Preferences, plist files, anything in the app directory.

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                                      theiceage13 Level 1

                                      The machines are installed with the same MacOS and the same language.


                                      In the first workstation (the problem machine) I have an AJA Kona LHe (Driver Version 7.1) installed, Trapcode Plugins, Sapphire Plugins. The plugins and the AJA card are not installed in the second workstation.


                                      I don't know - I uninstalled the first CS5-Trial with the help of the CleanMyMac-Application. Shouldn't that delete all the stuff you mentioned? Could it be a problem that I also still use CS4? Is there anything that both apps are sharing that might confuse the CS5-installation?


                                      Thanks again for all your patience!

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                                        Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                                        No, the apps are quite independent so there's nothing CS4 should be doing to interefere.


                                        I'm not familiar with CleanMyMac.  Did you use the uninstaller in the After Effects application folder first?  At the very least use that first with any licensed version of an Adobe application before running CleanMyMac.  I fear your licensing data on the machine could become bungled otherwise.  Probably not an issue for the trial, though.


                                        Can you post your Interpret Rules.txt file from CS5?  Some capture cards make edits to those, so I want to double-check that AJA hasn't done anything weird in there.  Given the fact that I can't get your CS5 project to work I really doubt that's the case, but it's all I've got to go on right now.

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                                          theiceage13 Level 1



                                          I just used the uninstall after effects app and after that installed the trial for the third time. But the problem stays the same.


                                          Here's my interpret_rules.txt -> http://www.mediafire.com/?jnmyzlmrdmi

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                                            Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                                            Thanks.  Nothing unusual in your interp rules file.


                                            There is a soft rule in the interp rules that tags DPX files with the working RGB profile.  This is the default and normal behavior, but I'm wondering if it's related to the problem.  Comment out that line, restart After Effects, and see what happens.  (Still wouldn't explain the error I get when reading your project file, though.)

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                                              ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

                                              The Cineon Importer itself has some settings that can effect this. The default should be the same in CS4, but clearly something ain't right.


                                              Can you try selecting different entries in the popup I highlight below to see if that fixes the issue?


                                              You get to this dialog by:

                                              1) Import a DPX file

                                              2) File Menu->Interpret Footage->Main...

                                              3) Color Management Tab

                                              4) Click on the Cineon Settings button.




                                              The default should be Full Range. Please confirm that it is, and if it isn't try setting it back.



                                              after effects engineering

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                                                theiceage13 Level 1

                                                Hi Tim, Hi Chris,


                                                I think we're getting close to the source of the bug.


                                                Tim - I tried commenting out that line - didn't help anything...BUT...

                                                Chris - I checked the interpret footage dialog and was surprised that I didn't have the cineon setting button on the first workstation. Then I double-checked on the second workstation and there it was. So it seems to be a problem with AE misinterpreting the file on import.


                                                Does the following help you? Here is a screenshot of the project panel on the first workstation (the one with the bug):


                                                Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-17 um 09.13.40.png


                                                And here how it looks after importing on the second workstation (the one working normal):


                                                Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-17 um 09.12.59.png


                                                Why does it say "DPX Digital Film Codec" on the first workstation but not on the second. Also it always asks me for Alpha-Interpretation what makes no sense, cause there is no alpha. On the second workstation I'm not asked for alpha-interpretation.


                                                And here again a screenshot from the first workstation after choosing interpret footage - no cineon settings:


                                                Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-17 um 09.23.43.png

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                                                  ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

                                                  Does the problem workstation have Glue Tools installed?




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                                                    theiceage13 Level 1

                                                    Yes - it does!

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                                                      ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

                                                      I think you can workaround this issue by forcing AE to use our DPX importer instead of the one provided by Glue Tools.


                                                      In the import dialog select All Files and the make sure you select DPX/Cineon for Import As.




                                                      I'm on Windows and don't have Glue Tools installed, but I believe this will work. Please let me know either way.




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                                                        theiceage13 Level 1



                                                        That solved it! Great! Thank you!


                                                        I didn't know that when you switch from "all acceptable files" to "all files" that you are able to choose the import-format.


                                                        Anyway...thanks again to everyone involved...Chris, Tim, thanks for all your effort!



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                                                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                          We've just published a new technical support document about this solution:


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                                                            theiceage13 Level 1

                                                            Great to see that all the question marks above our heads became finally useful!