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    First impressions

    Chris Trubiani Community Member

      This is great guys, really makes DSC development and especially generating the component.xml a lot easier.  Just some things I noticed after quickly playing with it for a few minutes:


      Possible Issues:

      • Using the drop down list in the editor for operation parameters.. it was really difficult to click in the right place to open the drop down list
      • In the project wizard I added adobe-livecycle-client.jar, it wound up putting it in the project build path twice though, once located in /lib/ and once in /lib/internal/



      Nice to haves:

      • It would be nice if there was some wizards split out from the project wizard.  For example, often times after creating the component (and thus the project) you want to add an operation to a service, or add a service to the component, would be great if there were wizards you could use to do that.
      • It would be nice if the wizard supported putting titles on services, operations, and output variables.  You almost always want to have user friendly values defined for these.
      • Would be nice if you could set whether a service is orchastratable or not in the wizard.
      • An option on whether to generate the boostrap and lifecycle classes would be cool.  I've rarely needed these so far.
      • It would be nice if the generated code was formatted a bit nice, ie: with some tabs and line breaks.
      • The generated bootstrap and lifecycle classes use AdobeLogger in the code.  AdobeLogger is not a publically documented class.  Maybe we should use it, or get it publically documented.


      That's it for my first impressions so far.  In the end I think this is a fantastic step forward.  Thanks!