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    Is it possible? Flex Dashboard with independent Gadgets/Widgets




      Here it goes:


      I am wondering if it's possible to make a similar iGoogle interface with draggable/dropbbale gadgets in a Flex/Flash container where these gadgets (or you can call them widgets) live independently.


      I have this vision:


      Look at this dashboard. It's pretty cool. Bless that guy!

      Now can I make all these modules in this dashboard independent as gadgets? It would mean adding URL swf applications and use them as gadgets.


      I would like the following capabilities in my flex dashboard:

      • Allow users to authenticate/authorize to a back-end mySQL or LDAP
      • Enable them to add flex/flash gadgets dynamically. Create their own tabs.
      • Allow them to share these gadgets by email. E.g. "Hey check out this Gadget" -> ok I click on the link -> I authenticate/create an account -> "Cool, I add this gadget to my own dashboard"
      • Allow them to drag/drop and minimize/maximize applications
      • Save the session and store it so I can maintain the state
      • Integrate openID service
      • At the same time, I was that these applications are independent and I control if they can talk to each other.


      makes sense?


      - Sidd