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    Printed Documentation

      Hi everyone,

      I have just began having trouble generating Printed Documentation. I used to be able to generate it from every project, but now its hit or miss. Sometimes when I close a project and reopen it, I can generate a Word document, but sometimes not.

      Nothing has changed with my system. I haven't made any changes to how I go about generating I get no error messages, it just doesn't go through the process.

      I am using RH 5.0.1 WebHelp.

      Has this happened to anyone else? Any words of wisdom would be greatly apppreciated.

      Linda K - Technical Writer, GUARD Insurance Group
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          When you say nothing has changed, does that mean you have Automatic Updates turned off? Unless you have things will have changed and one of those changes could be to upset RH into thinking that Word was installed after RH. At certain times of the month RH can get irritable about that.

          If that is the problem, then usually an uninstall and reinstall does the trick. First thought check it is not project related by creating a new project and generating a printed output using all the defaults.