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    CS5 Photomerge vs CS4


      I do very big panos and usually use PTGui for very difficult and exacting ones.  But Photomerge CS4 would often work using the Interactive Layout mode.  Since they took this away in CS5 I cannot really use it because there are always problems of alignment in my merging necesitating an interactive mode.  I am told they might bring it back as a plug-in but ONLY in 32 bit.  CS5 Photomerge needs an interactive mode but also in 64 bit. Otherwise Adobe has really moved backward in CS5 and Photomerge.  Yes I can use PTGui but it takes much more time than when I used CS4.  I would like to use Photomerge in CS5 to gain the speed of the 64 bit.

      Bill Thompson


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          I am curious about this too.  I am wondering how much Photomerge has improved over CS3 and CS4.  What enhancements, if any, have been made?  Can I retire PTGui and have a one-stop solution?

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            BillTNYC Level 1

            Photomerge, even when working fine, cannot guarantee and pieced-

            together panoramic that includes buildings throughout.  This requires 

            control points- PTGui can guarantee this.  Without vertical lines that 

            need to remain perfectly vertical (natural landscapes for instance) 

            CS4 on interactive often works fine.  CS5 with the Ul plugin (which 

            restores interactive) only runs in 32 bit so is no better than CS4's 

            Photomerge.  The algorithm in CS3 was much improved in CS4.  All 

            things considered at the moment stick with CS4.