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    Cannot open DreamweaverMX on OS X - Can you help?

    Ed in Fred

      Previously used Dreamweaver on a Microsoft computer.  Have changed to Apple computers and tried to install Macromedia DREAMWEAVER MX on a MacMini.  From all indications the program installed properly.  However, when I went to my Applications the program is no where to be seen.  Believe that it has not installed as shown.  Contacted Adobe for assistance and they said that they would not provide tech support since it is not their program.  Anyone have any ideas?

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          osgood_ Level 8

          As far as I know Dreamweaver is NOT interchangable from platform to platform i.e., what works on a PC won't work on

          a Mac.


          If you are saying you have a Mac version of Dreamweaver MX and installed it on a Mini Mac then MX most probably won't work on the lastest Apple system software.


          I know my copy of MX did not work on Apple OS 10.4. It appeared ok but when I clicked on the icon it either just bounced in the dock or quit on opening.